Drug test at work

Can’t smoke because of work and drug test. I am growing some WW for my wife and was wondering if you might test positive from handling real resin covered buds and getting your hand real sticky? Anyone know or ever heard of such.

we are in a strange new schroedinger-weed reality - it’s legal – depending on who collapses the wave function

“real sticky” - id say yes — but my larger point – dont tell me – but where r u – doubtless within x ---- 3-4 hrs one way max to legal – Grats Mass – welcome back to the 1900s ----

im not – this is going tobe a huge thing – “i went with y buds… to vegas – I DID NOT INHALE” ----- oh - but lots of smoky rooms… smelled funny…

seriously - for yrs i had TS security clearance – now - what - u go to vancouver … so –

kinda funny – i mean FUNNNY — how many voters now – have not had a prez that said yh — clinton"i did not inhale" – press to obama"did you inhale?" - obama: that was the point…

No you can’t test positive from handling cannabis with the tests that most companies pay for.


Thanks skgrower for a normal answer.


You must have a stalker :sunglasses:

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This is a good question and the boundaries of drug testing for pot will be a grey area for sure. It will most likely go away and only test for harder drugs.

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I highly doubt you can get thc from handling a plant. I believe when you heat the marijuana, ie, light your joint… this is when the thc is released into your system… I believe the heat makes it thc A or something and this is what gets you high… I think your fine… wear some latex gloves while handling just to be sure @Nine



You can buy pharmaceuticals drug testing kits from eBay to test your self. They aren’t expensive. I have a company truck and am subjected to random testing.
I found that after being totally clean, if I smoke a joint, I am clean again in 3 days. I really look forward to long weekends and vacations :yum:.

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We use bleach. Yep chlorine. We subjected to random up to 2-3 times per year. Nuke pipe fitter/welder. Yep done it stoned out of my mind lol. One drop will clear that pee right up and chlorine is in everyone’s piss that uses county/city water. We buy some eye drops empty the bottle. Use a needle to fill it back up with 75%-25% chlorine and water. Put it in a convenient place at work or in your pocket. When called for urinalysis grab your junk with the hand holding bottle and squeeze out one drop by the time it’s tested (actually works in less than 2 minutes) there won’t be anything and nothing will be said due to chlorine that is unless a person decides to use straight bleach or half the bottle. We’ve used this for 22 yrs with no problems. YET ha


2 Niacin pills and gallons of water. You will probably turn beet red and get real itchy but 24 hrs later you pee clean. Worked for me in Navy and other jobs I’ve had. Now I own my own business, no testing allowed per company policy :grin:.


Indeed, you’re safe when only touching plants especially when you work with gloves… how would thc penetrate your hair follicles or pee? no way. you’re safe, man