Drops of Balance

Has anyone tried Drops of Balance instead of flushing in early flower to clean your soil up?

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Flushing is basically a myth it really does nothing for the plants beside rinse and wash out the nutes from the previous grow. I’ve done full 2 week flush and no flush at all. Did 24 he dark and 48 hrs dark before chop and so far the dark does seem to up the tricomes on the plant but that’s about it. Nothing else changed on it besides a bit more tric coverage.

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Drops of Balance is not a flushing agent and it is very expensive compared to Sledgehammer or FloraKleen. It is designed to precipitate dissolved solids, which is the opposite of what you want for flushing.

If you want a flushing agent, then you should be using a product like Sledgehammer or FloraKleen.