Dropping plant with yellow leaves

Plant started turning yellow leaves week ago, started drooping today. Skunk #1 in 400 gal smart pot watering once day in the evening about 7-8 gals. Once/ twice week manure tea about 5 gals per plant in morning. Plant is 8 feet tall 7 feed wide looks like it’s dieing.

Used MG 1/2 strength once week last three weeks. Last Sunday changed to old age grow formula. It’s been hot 100F so didn’t think to much about tea in morning with watering that same night. Several other plants get everything the same nothing abnormal with the others. The soil is ocean forest.

With it being that hot, the stoma would close to preserve water. Uptake will slow and transpiration would almost halt. Your plant is overheating.

Without water to the leaves through transpiration, it won’t matter what you feed, and you’ll end up with salt buildup in your soil medium, and show deficiencies.

It’s less, but still possible you have other root problems, ie, root rot, aphids, or extreme pH imbalance.


Maybe needs more water

R2 much ? ?

any of the minute pores in the epidermis of the leaf or stem of a plant, forming a slit of variable width that allows movement of gases in and out of the intercellular spaces.

When the Stoma close, the plants uptake of water will slow or stop. Watering the roots won’t help until the heat within the plant is reduced.
Shade may help, If heat is the problem.

This is why certain plants prefer certain environments and grow zones, not saying it can’t be done…

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She looks worse today watered yesterday with some root cleanse grow shop guy sold me. Should I not water today and let dry out some? Flush with plain water? Don’t know what to do??? The other plants still ok same treatment except for root wash stuff. Thanks

Pictures of it worsening?

If the chain of Hydrogen molecules that stick together by cohesion is broken, the leaf will dry out and die.
I would stick to the normal schedule, of watering until diagnosis is complete.

Are all the plants the same strain?

3 are skunk 1 , 3 blue dream, 4 the flav. Don’t know how to get shade for her. Because of the pot she’s like 10’ off ground, 2 ’ above the cage. Could it be nuke lock, changing from MG to old age? Someone said check for gofers, I don’t see any signs.

The root wash called self-100. I guess she’s about same. Lowest branch still ok, all the rest leafs are wilted. Today’s pic wilted first, lowest branch second.

Root wash is slf 100

I grow indoors, in DWC, but this same exact thing just happened to me. 75% of my plant wilted and died so I cut it off, but one main branch was unaffected and I ended up with at least something to harvest! I believe my wilt started when I put too much water into my DWC, causing root rot or stem rot. My roots all looked brown and nasty and she didn’t drink water for a week, I thought the entire plant was dead. But after consideration I kept growing the plant, after I cut off the wilted areas, and new white roots began growing, she finished producing her buds, and I cut her down to dry 3 days ago. I wish you the best of luck because that’s a beautiful plant! It looks like you’ll at least be able to keep that one branch that looks unaffected.

Is the pot saturated when you water her?

I’ve seen it before, but I’m unfamiliar with what’s in it.

Just a update thanks to everyone for trying to help me. She is still wilted over 75% the one lower branch that was unaffected is doing great. I think she got to much water and roots died or something. The pot is still wet after getting new moisture gauge with longer probe. The top of pot is dry but down inside still wet. Haven’t watered in several days waiting for her to dry out so I can give her some hydro guard . I’m told it might help. Loosening hope to save the wilted part. Does anybody think new roots and leaves will grow after she dries out? Or should I cut out the wilted areas to help the one branch left? Thanks

I don’t know but I do know an outdoor grower who may ? @Majiktoker
-good luck with your plant

This same EXACT thing happened to me, but in DWC.

I was in flower, so no, no new leaves grew.
But, new roots did, and the buds went from being small and looking close to finished, to growing again and obviously still expanding buds. I was worried she was going hermie, but now looking back, I wish I just left her growing longer because her buds were still growing and weren’t done yet.

I used HydroGuard, and it definitely helped me! I would suggest cutting everything that’s wilted. The wilted areas didn’t become healthy again for me, but I was in flower so maybe it’ll be different for you.

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