Dropping leaves on single plant in hydro tank

Hello again. Today one of my plants started to get droopy leaves. The other 2 in the same tank look fine. The ppm is 830 and ph about 6.2 they are all the same age of 6 weeks.

They are in a small tent with 1 1200w and 2 600w lights. I’m using sensi grow a and b with voodoo juice. The temp inside stays about 75 and the humidity I try to keep at least 60 (hard to keep high humidity in Las Vegas)

Attached is a couple of pictures. I also have 2 soil plants in the same tent. They are not doing well I had an issue with drainage the other day and reported them. They are having a hard time recovering. If anyone has any suggestions on that thank you too.

As for the single one I know I should probably wait to see if the other 2 does it but I want to be proactive.

Hey hanks guys.

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How much of an air gap have you got between the netpot and the water? (hopefully about 2")
Plenty of air stones?
How cool is the water? (hopefully around 70ish or cooler)
I would also try to get the PH down to around 5.8
Whats the temp and humidity?

My initial guess would be air gap or lack of oxygen? Whatcha think @peachfuzz? I may very well be wrong.

Maybe a PH problem on the soil grows??


Plants in soil look like ph is way off do to overwatering…
Plants in hydro dont look like they are getting enough air pumped into the tank and possibly your water level is to high…
Water temps might be towards the high side as well …
What do your roots look like…?


You are right on the soil. I had checked the ph and it was almost 8.0. So I went to flush them and they would not drain. So I ended up reporting them and I added more perlite. I have a water meter in both and add water when it says it’s dry. Though I’m not sure how much water I should add. I was putting about a half a gallon each time I watered them but have since been doing less.

The hydro water should be well pumped. I have 2 air stones in it and I have a water pump inside with pvc and it’s in a timer to run every few hours to circulate the water. Now it may be too high. I bring the water to the bottom of the cup. How far below should it be?

The ph for the hydro was at 6.1 I brought it up a bit to 6.3 today it looks a little better. I also added a bit of cal mag plus. I use the sensi grow perfect ph parts a and b but they don’t seem to have enough magnesium. Part a has .05% where cal mag has 1.5%.

I bring the water up to the bottom of the cup. I will keep it lower on your suggestion. The water stays about 70. I posted more info in the other response. Thanks guys for the advise

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Oh and the roots look ok I think.

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Do either of you know how to test the ph of the soil without using runoff? I dk t want to over water these now with how sick they are

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Water should be about 2” below the net pot.

PH should be maintained in water around 5.8.

I’m not a soil grower but maybe @Covertgrower Can help you out with the runoff.

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So you have one of those 3 way prong meters to check PH?

Did you have any run off? The amounts can vary by medium density, and make up. What size containers are they?

Here’s the flawed concept of that. When you check run off you’re getting an “average” of all the soil. If you take just the top of the soil to check, the top half may a different ph than the bottom where the roots are. You can dig out some soil take a middle sample. Kind of an extreme measure but I’ve seen some to do it.

To check the sample you’ll need a digital PH meter, and distilled water. Distilled water has no minerals in it, and it takes on the ph of the soil. Mix it like pudding and check after the ph settles.

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Yeah that’s the problem with that method is it’s not exact :confused: