Droopy plants in indoor grow after watering. Did I overwater? Any help is much appreciated

Plants are 11 days old. This one looked the best. Then I watered and it went to hell. Did I overwater? I ph the water to 6-6.5 before watering. Thanks for any help

Yeh it looks it. Cause they are in such a big pot so young it’s very easy to overwater them. Let them dry out before watering again. :+1:


Definitely overwatered when seedlings don’t water the whole pot just do a small circle from the stem out to bout tops of leaves you can get away with like 10 to 20 ccs of water depending on the size of seedling

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Thanks a lot. Newbie mistake. First grow.

What kind of soil and water are you using

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Dechlorinated tap water. Coco, perlite, worm castings, maxi grow, maxi bloom

How many autos would you guys put in a 4x3?

In my 4x4 I have two in 3. Gallon 1 in hydro bucket and two photos in a five gallons I think I’d stick with the four in the future though

Thanks I might have to get another tent. I have 3 in 5gal and 3 in 3gal. I started 6 because that’s how many is legal. Different pot size is just to see what works better. My first grow.

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The plant looks a little wilted now and the pot seems to be much drier. If it comes back how long before I see improvement? I will be checking ph of soil soon. I’ve been busy with work and might have to wait till tomorrow

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It really all depends on pot size and how you grow them out also

Post a few new pics of it whenever you can

General rule is go by weight of your pot and also the finger method if your finger up to the second knuckle is dry usually needs some water now when my five gallons are dry and established roots they still don’t take that much water tip it starts coming out the sides as runoff you’ll get a feel of it and they’ll talk to u in a way let you know what they need

that’s a pic of a 4x4 with five

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4 x 4
5 x auto and 1 x photo.

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Gorgeous plants but I need help with my crappy looking thing. Lol