Droopy plants in hot weather

A question from a fellow grower:

"I’m into the 4th month of growing 6 of your plants. All seem to be well, except one Super Silver Haze plant. It started flowering a few days ago. Today for the first time, the center section is very droopy, as shown in the photo. It’s been hot here in Oakland, Cal., so I’ve been watering every 2 days because the soil was dry. I’ve been using Bergman Fertilizer twice a week (switching from GrowTime Fertilizer to FlowerTime Fertilizer this week), and adjusting the ph with ph down, since the soil was registering a ph of 7. It’s down to 6.5, and I will add more ph down during the next watering.

I’ve attached 2 photos, a wide shot of the plant and a close-up of the problem area. I did not see an example of this in your symptom checker page. Do you have advice about how to correct this situation?"

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@Myfriendis410 can maybe help out but he is on the west coast so he may not be awake yet. That’s weird to see the main shoot droopy like it needs water but the rest look fine.

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I guess if you water to fast then you could have dry clumps or patches inside the bucket. Try watering slower next time if you don’t already to make sure the entire medium is saturated.

No clue. Could a boring insect have attacked the stalk?

@garrigan62 might know.

My plants tend to do the same thing under extreme heat and sun intensity. I brushed it off as the plant protecting itself from sunburn. Generally a healthy drink when the sun sets brings them back to their perky delicious self.

As the center stalk droops even more, even after watering, I saw the brown area near the base of the stalk. Does this indicate an issue that could cause drooping? Thanks!

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DO a search here and otherwise on Stem Rot
Looks exactly like your pic


Looks like it to me too.

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Thanks for the suggestion! It does look like stem rot. Since it became noticeable yesterday, the plant may be salvageable. I’m going to treat it by changing the plastic pot (which may be the cause by not allowing enough soil evaporation) to another porous type of pot and treating the roots with Hydroguard.

Thanks again everyone, especially Spiney_norman! I appreciate your help. I’ll tell you if this procedure works.


Hi all. Thanks again for your help! I’ve been using Botanicare Hydroguard with the result being the rest of the plant is doing better and the root structure has improved. However, the stalk with the original problem is getting worse. I’ve attached a new picture. The plant is in its second week of flowering. Do you recommend letting the plant grow as it is, or cutting off the stalk with the problem?

First wipe your clippers with alcohol. Then clip to good wood if possible. Wipe with alcohol again before using on any other plants.

Agree with @Oldmantime

Thanks again! I did as you both suggested. I’ll keep you aprised about how it works out.