Droopy northern lights photo

Hi there. I planted 3 NL seeds. 2 germinated. Both were doing ok until yesterday. Plastic bucket looks like me at the end of the day. Not a good look. Any thoughts?

First time. I used a soilless potting mix and have been giving them approx 1.5 grams of ILGM veg fertilizer in 2 liters or so of water ÷ by 9 plants all in plastic or fabric containers. The other plants dont have this issue.

Thanks in advance fpr any insight.


She may be a bit overwatered. I’m not a huge fan of plastic pots, no air can get to the roots except from above.

Any chance you can drill some holes in the bucket? Especially the bottom? It would be a bit tricky but I think it’s feasible.


I did drill a dozen 12 mm holes in the bottom. Soil is just moist to the touch.


Ok, good. Were I used those buckets though, I’d likely draw some in the sides too. Thirsty plants droop too but they look differently than this one.


Fabric pot doesnt appear as droopy. Sometime a long coat hanger or similar can be used to gentley put holes in the soil allowing some air to assist in removing excess moisture.

 Huge fan leaves can lead to big fruits.   They have nice potential.

I do not believe she is overwatered. I can stick my hand Down in the dirt and the soil is just moist. She gets the same as others in the tent and no other plant is as lackluster as her.

Edit; I have 5 plants in buckets and 4 in soft bags. The other bucket girls are looking good to me.

May be the opposite and underwatered. Looks like the plant in the bucket is too high on the nitrogen. I’d water with plain ol’ PH-d water to runoff and see what your ppm is at. You’ll need a decent ph pen and tds meter to do this step. Post the runoff results here and we’ll get you squared away.


Keep a good eye on that strain. I have grown it the past she molds real easy in flower.


Thank you for replies. I ordered the meters should get them tomorrow.

She looks about the same to me today. Not worse i believe.