Droopy Mcdrooping leaves

Ok, so is it a total loss or should I keep trying to bring it back or should I focus on the other one doing better?

Water in a circle farther out. Keep trying, nothing to lose at this point.

So do the best I can to bring it back and then just focus on the other plant to make sure it stays healthy?

I think that’s best.

At what point should I give up on the one plant? Like what is literally the point of no return?

When it’s brown and not showing any more growth at all.
Have you tried watering in a ring around it, about 5-6” out?

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Not since I watered it yesterday. But I watered it until water came out the bottom and now I’m just waiting for it to dry out.

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Since I fucked up with pinching my stems, when is the earliest you can FIM a plant? Can I do it on the one healthy plant right now?

Yes you can let’s see a pic of the one you going to do it to.

This would be the one I FIM.
Also I can’t really tell if the other plant is getting any better, it’s hard to tell.

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