Droopy Mcdrooping leaves

I have a plant that has droopy leaves. I had an idea that it might be underwatered because I was only spraying the top of the soil with a spray bottle. So I added more water with a watering can. But I was wanting y’all’s opinions on what it might be. The seedling popped out of the soil back on 9/15-9/16, it’s in miracle gro organics potting soil and I’m using reverse osmosis water. Haven’t added any nutrients yet. Only the one leaf seems to be discolored the slightest bit. Also that’s the temp and humidity when the pictures were taken. Please help. Thanks.

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Getting water on the leaves is not optimal.


Oh I also forgot to mention that the lights are on a 18/6 light schedule.
I have been misting the leaves to keep the humidity up.

Merlin is right about the droplets on the leaves.
While higher humidity at this point is good, droplets on the leaves is worse than the 50% humidity.
The lights will burn the leaves as the droplets act like little magnifying glasses.


Water on leaves with lights on will burn them, water acts as a magnifying glass, also leaves should not touch soil! most common causes of droopy leaves is underwatering, overwatering, VPD, cold temps and high RH!


Currently its waterlogged. Let it dry out. Pick the pot up and pay attention to its weight now and then weight when dry. Water or feed when dry. You’ll notice the leaves stretching for the sky too.

No more water on the leaves with light on. Light off ok. Not soaked. You’ll get mold. Spritz.

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Ok, so don’t mist the leaves until right before the lights go off? Also, I’ve seen VPD mentioned before but what exactly is it? What’s the best way to keep the leaves from touching the soil? Remove some soil? Then lastly, I don’t think it’s an overwatering problem since I just gave it its first larger amount of water. I was only getting the top of the soil wet with the spray bottle at first.

Are you still doing this? Your plant is easily capable of handling more water, you could dump about 2 cups of water in there and it would be good.

VPD is the temperature and humidity scale, and gives you a suggested humidity in correlation to temperature.


No, I am going to start using more water now.
So how do I figure out VPD or whatever? Or is my temp/humidity good?

I’m still looking for the scale. Maybe someone will post it before I find it. Lol.

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Thanks Merlin! You’re the best.

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Those are a little over my head in terms of understanding it, but if I read it right, my humidity should be higher?

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The best way to control humidity on small plants is using a dome such as a clear drink cup, a soda bottle cut in half or even a large sandwich bag.

I never mist the leaves on my plants, just domes until they are able to get moisture from the soil. If my grow room needs higher humidity during veg, I use a room humidifier.

Many folks get good results while never messing with humidity, others swear by VPD. I am in the “manage VPD” category.


I’m growing in a small tent in a closet and can’t use a room humidifier. What’s some other ways to bring it up?

A room humidifier will work in most closet grows, they are only about the size of a four slice toaster.

Most folks find dialing the temperature in easier than messing with humidity. The ideal temperature is around 77 F but any temperature between ~70+ to 84 F will work fine. Keeping all other things the same, lowering temperature a few degrees will typically raise rH. Remember, rH is Relative Humidity meaning that the humidity is relative to temperature.

So long as your VPD is not WAY out of range, I would not obsess over it too much.


Or leaves touching soil either.

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I totally agree…misting leaves just always jumps out at me. LOL

Perhaps I should try to provide more comprehensive feedback rather than just shooting for “low hanging fruit”. Hmmmm…

What good is it fix one problem while ignoring others? I didn’t know about that until someone told me.

Hang dampened towel in area, do not use a misting type humidifier it is bad for your electrical components!

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