Droopy leaves/stunted growth need help!

I’ll give them a good boost of nutritions hopefully all goes alright, thank you for the info.

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@Myfriendis410, so a quick update i fed them around 20 hours ago they seem a but better still got droopy leaves though which i really hate lol, gave them:


Ppms where around 600, ph was around 6.1

And i added 1/2 T.S of Recharge.

As for the Runoff, Ph was in the acceptable range (6.5), (Recharge will get the ph a bit high), ppms where
874 for the left girl and 852 for the right one.

And here are the girls,

In soil I supplement when the TDS falls below 2,000 ppm due to the buffering effect of soil. If it were mine I’d have that up around 900 to 1,000 ppm with those salt ratios. Plants should like that.


@Myfriendis410 good info, I don’t have a clear idea about how much to feed throw plant’s lifecycle, I’ve been doing a lot of researching about how much to feed, i got really confused cuz everybody is saying something different, and they don’t really give you a clear answer, can you give me an estimate about how much to feed plants throw their lifecycle, i know there are many variances (strain, environment factors, nutritions and growing medium), all i need is just an overall idea.


Using GH I try to keep my TDS at or around 900 ppm (you don’t have to be too anal about it) give or take. At the time of flip I up the dose to 1,100 ppm and of course transition to flowering nutes. I also monitor the runoff when watering and when TDS reaches 2,000 ppm or so I water only until back down to 1,200 ppm or so then resume feeding.

Late in flower the plant will consume far less salts but by keeping track or your runoff you can keep the plant in the sweet spot.

Now this assumes you have the correct amount of light to your plants. I say this because inadequate light will reduce the plant’s ability to uptake nutrients and use them.

I’ve run the full Monty of GH nutes and it does do a good job; I’m using Jack’s now and going to stick with that.


@Myfriendis410 i don’t know much about flowering nuts (what to mix and how much to mix), should i follow GH feeding schedule?, have you followed their feeding schedule before?, or you do your own mix?

Follow the feeding schedule, just mix to a target TDS. Usually the grow schedules want you to run a higher solution concentration than the plants can easily tolerate.


@Myfriendis410 got it, I’ll give them around 900 ppms next watering I’ll keep you updated,

Thanks a lot for the info.


Wow! Really good information above! I am using GH as well, I’m Happy Frog following the Lucas formula (Micro/Bloom only) however I just flipped to flower and need to adjust for the smaller Nitrogen requirements, this has really been informative


I’ve done the Lucas formula as well as running the full line. I didn’t see much difference between the two and frankly; adding components from ten different bottles got old.

I like Jack’s: no cal mag needed, I only add silica (trichomes are composed mainly of silica so good to have) and for the first three weeks after flip the 3-2-1 formula is amended to 2-2-2-1.2 with the fourth component being MKP (Monopotassium Phosphate) as a bloom booster. Then back to the 3-2-1 formula.


@Myfriendis410 So they decided not to play cool with me😓 even the youngest girls, i watered them yesterday around 900 PPMs and PH6.3, runoff of ppms were from 930~1100, ph 6.3~6.4, the only times these girls were doing great is after being transplanted, they stay good for 10 days or so then this happens, i ran out of clues to be honest, i have two males plants outside the house i give them only tab water and everything is against them (environment, etc.), they look great and healthy which is killing me😅,it’s like their root system doesn’t work at all!

Usually ‘guarding’ (which looks a lot like wilting) is a root issue. Overwatering can also show similar. I will also point out that plants ‘posture’ ahead of lights out which can also look like ‘guarding’.

All your numbers appear to be good.

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@Myfriendis410 if these were your plants what would you do to them? Kill them and start new grow lol?

I’d pot up into fabric pots first.


@Myfriendis410 i already have AC infinity 5 gallon pots, I’m just keeping them for my super lemon haze AUTO seeds (which are coming in 3 weeks), I just wanna figure out what’s going on with these plants before I start my new grow (super lemon haz auto),I don’t wanna have similar problems with new grow, should i transplant one of these plants to a fabric pot and see if it’s recovering?,and I can’t get it but why every time I transplanted these plants they get alive for short period of time then the get wilted?

I would do a transplant before anything else. When you do you can see just how wet the root zone is as well. I suspect overwatering has retarded some root growth which is showing in ‘guarding’.


@Myfriendis410 so lights are on again 3 of the plants are in better shape, fourth one is the worst but better than earlier, I’m gonna transplant the weakest one to see roots and what’s going on down there.I’ve dimmed the lights as well, top canopy is around 280PPFD.

The fourth one(weakest one),


@Myfriendis410 hello sir hope you’re doing well, an update with the babies, so I discovered that my PH meter was off!, that’s why plants were suffering, bought new one now they r doing much better.

I did some LST to even the canopy, now I wanna flip them into flowering and i have some questions,

Do i need to give them 48 or 72 hours of darkness?

Do i feed them transition to bloom formula (from GH feeding schedule) before flipping them into flowering?

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I’d start with Bloom notes a week or two before flipping. No need for darkness before doing so. Plants look good!


How did you discover that your pH meter was off? I calibrate mine when it tells me to, but I also test it regularly by placing it in pH 4,7 & 10 test/calibration solutions.

Edit: I forgot to mention how nice your plants look. Great job bringing them back