Droopy leaves or shocked plant help please

Not sure what size pots you have @Bubblehead but for the original poster @Marco26 that’s 3.78L every three days. I’m leaning towards not enough water. Both present themselves similarly when in between.

This just demonstrates the importance of a support ticket with constructive conversation.


Oh I have fans pushing the air. No mold at all. I usually water a couple hours before lights on and I have no run off. If I do, its like a ounce ot two. I guess I will start watering when lights turn on and see if it makes a difference on my grows. Thanks for the input. :+1:

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I also appreciate yours good sir!

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Can’t help it but feel sorry about them

Did you water one and see if there was improvement?


Your running 84 degrees with 10% humidity? at those temps and humidity your plants are really working to transpire . Drop the temp raise the humidity .

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I agree, humidity is low, what all is in your “soil” and perlite mix, is there anything new from previous runs?

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I feed each of them with 2 litre like one hour ago will go back later to see if there any difrence

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Yeah I’m trying to that today that’s my biggest fear that all of this it’s coming from a low humidity

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Nope it’s just soil and perlite feeding them with Dutch pro

Flood them bastards with water until good run off…
Reset the soil so that it is completely saturated.do this in stages…ie not all at once…you probably have dry pockets in the soil. So watering each with a quart at a time with a total of say 4 quarts over an hour or two you will give the dry soil time to absorb the water.
Look up hydrophobic soil…
You can also flood the saucers underneath them and allow the soil to wick up the water and that along with some top water will help saturate the entire soil profile. A wetting agent as simple as some organic soap like Dr. Bronners maybe 10 ml per gallon will help even out the dry areas.
Do one plant or more and test this out…up to you


Also you may want to get at least one bigger saucer as the ones I see have no room for run off…if not take them into the bathroom tub or utility sink etc and do that there…
The saucers May be keeping you from watering that much because it can get messy in there

So what are your temps and humidity?


Strain; Na

Soil in pots
System type? I’m using soil mixed with perlite

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Haven’t measure the run of

What is strength of nutrient mix?800 ppm

Indoor or Outdoor= Indoor
Light system, size? = hps lights 600 watt

Temps; Day 29 Celsius Night 20 Celsius

Humidity; Day 10% Night 35%

Ventilation system; Yes

AC, Humidifier= no De-humidifier,= no

Co2; Yes,

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Water them fully, the fabric pots will keep the humidity above 25% usually on its own just being wet and in a saucer, do it slowly and bring them up

His humidity being that low is a issue as well.

Day should be between 70-80%
Night should be between 55-65%

Need to get a humidifier to fix that…also is contributing to them drying fast…water fully will help up humidity some too.

With your environment being out of whack I would think using CO2 wouldn’t help much at all so at this point you might want to get temps/humidity in check and then continue with CO2 @Marco26

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Just had a look and they look just the same😕 I got the temp lower and humidity it’s up 30% now I also added a mist maker it will add some humidity to the room will see if they look any different tomorrow. I strongly believe that there is something wrong with their root just can’t figure out what 1000% isn’t the overwatering

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Do you think that’s the reason they look so droppy ? Because of the low humidity?

At this point you might even start misting the leaves to raise the humidity. The times I’ve seen that as being a soil issue is if somebody mixes a concentrate fertilizer in with their soil by accident, but you said you didn’t change anything

My guess is it’s a combination of both low humidity and the soil profile not being evenly wet. The roots need water and if there are dry pockets then the 5 gallons of soil for the roots to use isn’t 5 gallons that the roots can use because they won’t go into where the soil has dry pockets. Effectively reducing the soil available for them. Also any nutrients in the dry soil can’t be used so that can further cause issues.
Take one of them at least and saturate her and see how she reacts.
If she does do better than you’ll know and it won’t take but a day or 2 to know and if this works do them all that way. You can get a large enough bucket that pot will fit in and do a dunk unsing RO water - no need to Ph that or distilled …if using tap or well water you’ll want to ph it to around 6.5
Also need to get humidity within reasonable range as what they are in now is way low.
My take anyway.

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