Droopy leaves or shocked plant help please

Just checked them again there one hour until I turn the lights on and they are all dry they are not heavy at all and I stick the finger on soil and it feels totally dry … could it be humidity as is very low when lights are on

The circle area shows the soil is wet.

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That could be one that still little wet but not heavy mostly they are dried out it’s so strange as I I know when it’s over watered . The signs when you look how sad they look it’s looks like overwatering but isn’t the case and I can’t figure out what it is . If I leave them without water tonight they will be worked by tomorrow all be wilting

Stick your finger in all the way, feel any moisture or dampness?

Feel the center bottom of the grow bag, damp or bone dry?

When you water, ever get any drainage/runoff?

This is when a plant that has to be watered every single day with at least 1 gallon per day.

It feels dry and the bottom center it’s totally dry honestly I I wouldn’t say it’s dry if it wasn’t as I really need help from you guys . No I don’t get any run of with 1 litre that I give them

The soil on that looks wet my ones is dry and I’m using fbrick pots my plants are just shocked and then they drink up their water every day they just look sad and don’t grow

Let’s try an experiment. You still never answered how long ago you transplanted. So I don’t know how long they’ve had to recover from it.

If it is a possibility they drink that much, and it’s bone dry, then take 3 gallons (9L) of PH’ed water 6.2-6.5 water and water one plant and see if it perks back up. If you are watering just 1L a day, maybe it’s not enough. Plant presents as overwatering, but maybe it’s under watering.

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I water when its lights OUT.

Did you read this @Covertgrower?

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Ok, overwatering and underwatering can look very similar, but if an underwatered plant is watered fully, it will perk up pretty quickly. 1 liter of water is not enough to fully water plants of that size in 5 gallon fabric pots, hence why you never get any runoff.

If they are as dry as you say, I would water them fully until runoff occurs, which will take alot more water than you’ve been giving, then wait however long it takes to dry (3 days would be my guess) and see how your plants are doing at that point. Collect some runoff and see what the ph and ppms are and report back.


As contrast to frequent lite watering. my plants are 10 weeks from seed, 5 weeks from flip. They are a little older and a little bigger. Each plant gets 1-gallon of water every third day. When I water they are not quite bone dry but the soil is definitely dry.

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Missed it.

I thought so…why I pointed it out. :+1:

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All good. Appreciate it. At work, I miss things trying to be quick sometimes.
I water during lights out, or lights on.
Preferably during lights on.

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@Covertgrower I thought the plants should be watered lights out. So with water + nutrients is better to water during lights on?

I water mine when lights turn on or a little after. I want them to use the water ASAP rather than sit with “wet” feet al night.


Ppm around 1200 ph 6.4 RO I’m able to get little bit of run off with 2 litre so I’m going to feed them 2 litre each 750 ppm as they look really hungry haven’t feed them over 3 days just been watering and will see where it takes me . It’s definitely not the overwatering it’s ether underwatering or something else that I can’t figure it out

I also water when lights turn on or shortly after for the same reason.

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@MrPeat I only water during lights out if I have to because of my work schedule.
It’s preferable to water during lights on, for a variety of reasons. The roots are actively taking up water during that time, (Transpiring) secondly, your humidity is at its lowest during lights on.
I would hate for a higher risk of mold (especially lights off) than anyone currently has at lights off.
This goes back to another reason to have fans constantly moving air inside the tent, and not just an air exchange.

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