Droopy leaves? (One other question)

I have looked at a lot of pictures of droopy leaves ranging from “heart breaking” to “is that one like mine?” and studied the possible reasons why a plant’s leaves begin to droop. I’m just trying to do this thing right and keep on top of “Annie’s” progress. So, does Annie look like she’s developing droopy leaves to you? I have seen much worse; but, those tips are starting to point downward to me. (One other question related to using this forum.) Am I starting too many new topics? Should I just keep a running thread or something? Thanks for the help everybody!

is the soil possibly too wet … that will cause the droops

They will droop due to being too wet/too dry among other reasons. I would say in my case too wet. Do they look droopy to you?

at a glance i would guess too wet also… some strains and variations can be a bit on the lazy side but nothen to worry about… i see it more in indica dominant stuff and that appears to be indica dominant also at a glance…

I wish that were true. Unfortunately, it’s Amnesia Haze; 20 Indica and 80 Sativa. I should have mentioned that in the OP.

no worries… thays a great strain… got a few of those going myself… i would honestly just say let it dry out a bit and make sure temps are ideal and youll prob be in good shape…

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