Droopy leaves is that a sign of too much water


does this look healthy leaves look droopy maybe too much water??


That is a hard pic to able to assess the plant properly. Could you add some normal lighting in there?


Yes I’ll do that as soon as I am able


Looks like you might be overwatering … need natural light as stated above… :wink:
That just seems like way to much red for vegging… :thinking:
Plant seems , short and stout tho…:thinking::wink:


I’ll send a better pic when I can


White Widow Autoflower


Wrong spectrum for vegging…too much red blurple. Does your unit have dual switches? Mix some white and blues in their. IMO 3 to for weeks into flowering is when I would use that color spectrum.


It’s a K5 LED 30% red 70% blue and white


so I shouldn’t turn the Reds on until it starts to Bud



White Widow Autoflower first grow leaves look droopy


They are three weeks old


She actually looks pretty good! Nice n healthy. Good work. Maybe cut back on the watering. How often u getting her feet wet?


Every other day I should go every third day huh


Like to day the under soil just a little damp decided to wait another day


Yep. If in doubt. Make her wait it out. No training on dry plants tho. They break. Also when waiting dont forget to peak on her. Any signs of thirst then pour it on. And its best to water slowly. From the outside of the pot inwards. But pour a circle or two. Let it seep into the soil. Then pour a bit more. Always let that water work through the soil slowly but steadily. Dont want pockets of water or tunnels being made under there


Thanks for the advice


I have found with my experience that It don’t matter, I turn both switches on when they about 2 weeks old, and they grow like a weed, they pull what they need out of the light. Make sure you have plenty of light and a CO2 bag in the tent . Skip 2 days with no water. If you are using fox farms don’t use Big grow until after about 4 weeks and half the amount, the ocean forest has nitrogen in it that activates when you water, so there is food already in the soil and people are feeding too soon and getting yellow tips on leaves. The Big Bloom is okay to go by chart, it is the bat shit and worm casting food the plant needs also but very little nitrogen. Hope some of that info helps.