Droopy Leaves After Lights Out

I know this is probably the most common question ever but bear with me. My plants look normal before lights out, and then they droop, droop, and droop some more. Which I understand is normal. However, they continue to droop throughout a decent chunk of the day; after my lights come on. It seems to take them some time to recover, and it seems like they just started doing this within the last two weeks. I water when the soil seems dry, and I’m using FF OF in air pots, so I’m not sure drainage is really an issue for me. Anyone have any ideas?

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What are your temps at night? If it takes several hours for your space to warm up then that would explain it.

I keep the space at 75 degrees after lights out. In fact that’s the temp during the day too :zipper_mouth_face:

Hello I’ve got a very similar issue. My girl droops when lights are on during 12/12. She recovers when lights are out. My temp however is 70f throughout the day and cooler at night. Any insights?

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Do you have a pic of the plant drooping?
Lets start with that.


Hello again I just watered her and she’s looking great right now. Lights out and back on at 3am. I’ll check and send a pic. Another question regarding ppm. My tap water is coming in at 321 ppm. Is that ok to use? I’m using distilled at $1.50 per gallon!


Yes, you just need to learn how.
If its treated with chlorine you need to let it set in an open container for 24 hrs to let the chlorine gas off. If its treated with chloramine (different version) you will have to filter it.
Nutrients might need adjustment a bit to account for your calcium and other mineral levels.
Your city or town will have a water report online.
Do a google search for " YOUR TOWN Water Report PDF" And you will find it.
If you are on a well there are places to get it analyzed for a modest fee.

I would try it first and see how a plant reacts. It may work just fine. Maybe just one plant.

I did that check and thank you very much. Overall my water is Poor. Chloroform 17ppd. So I’ll let it sit for a day before using.

All the best

Good morning. My baby this morning is showing a stretch I’ve never seen before however the end of her top most

fan leaves are curling. Other than that she appears to be healthy.

They look good. Sometimes a little too much nitrogen will curl the tips.
If you are feeding a nitrogen rich food you might back off a bit.

Good day! I picked up a bottle of water conditioner for my tap. PPD was on the high end and overall our water is classified as ‘poor’.