Droopy leafs... Still new to using soil as a medium

So I transplanted my supreme haze plant in to a 5 gal planter filled with FFOF and extra perlite. The leafs are a lil droopy atm, n I’m not sure if it needs water, more light ( it’s been so rainy I haven’t been able to put up the fences for my gorilla outdoor so it’s just inside next to the door of my balcony) or if it’s a pH thing. I’m so use to growing dwc that I’m not entirely sure if I’m phing for soil right atm. I will upload a picture in a minute, started the topic before snapping it lol.

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If any of you guys could weight in I would appreciate it greatly

Much love


She looks great and healthy


Well that makes me feel a bit better lol. Some leafs are… Reverse tacoing? I guess I would describe it as. The are curling inward… So upside down canoeing?

Looking green

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Let her dry up some


she just bloated mate (over watered a touch not to badly) give her a couple of days before watering… once you see the leaves praying to the light then feed her again,
apart from that she looks it great shape mate :slight_smile:


Sweet ty for the peace of mind. Another noob question due to my lack of experience with soil, what ph water should I be putting in to her. I’ve read on here the soil I’m using can tend to be hot so was just wondering if you guys ushally start with a certain pH to lower it off the get

I think the other members have you going in the right direction. A tad bit overwatered but it will come back into it. Also if it was transplanted recently it could have a little shock from the transplant.

As far as your PH I believe Fox Farm you want a PH of around 6.5. I could be mistaken so I would let a few others weigh in.

6.5-6.8 for soil

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Put in or run off?

Put in runoff should be close I think 6.3 if going in at 6.8

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Thank you very much for the info xD!

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Not a problem happy growings buddy

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@Tonyb seems to me on the ffof bag it says something like pH adjusted to 6.8 if my memory serves me.


It does but I’m still kinda soil special needs. This hole a plant growing in dirt thing has my mind boggled, like aren’t these supposed to be in a bucket with water n airstones??? But on a side note I got pretty drunk making homemade pasta with friends n 2 of my blueberry autos poked out the soil!!!

How are things coming along

I let her dry out n she perked back up. I made a makeshift veg area to keep her n my BBAs that are sprouting in more consistent light until I can get them outside. The supreme haze is going to be put outside under the cover darkness rather soon though, I think her permanent home outdoors will help her out alot. She’s a trooper though. Started her in dwc system, moved to a pot and now she’s living under a desk with a sheet around it to keep light in, more not blind me while I try to sleep lol. I think she will be do great outside once I can get her there. Just need to get to home Depot or Lowe’s or something to get some de so the bugs in the swamp don’t devor her lol.


There’s a Mars hydro 300 n 2 cfls in the makeshift veg area so I can say at least she’s getting some decent light now