Droopy for 6 days now, my first grow

My plant has been really droppy like this for about 5-6 days now. Even more droopy at light off. It seems it growth has slowed a bit too. I have no idea what’s going on.
It is the only plant in my RDWC system that looks like this, all my other plants look great except for a bit of curling tips I believe from too much nitrogen’s since upping the nutrition level the day before yesterday.

Here is support ticket, I will post picture of the plant below

What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed
Critical mass from ILGM

  • Method: hydroponics, RDWC

  • Vessels: Buckets

  • PH of Water, 5.9

  • PPM/TDS or EC - 900PPM

  • Indoor

  • Light system HLG 300L 28 inches above at half power

  • Temps; Day, Night - day time for plants, 70-75, night time for plants 78-82 (sometimes hitting 88 on very hot days outside)

  • Humidity; 35-55%

  • Ventilation system; Yes, 6 inch inline for exhaust, 4 inch inline for intake.

  • AC outside of tent to cool room.

  • Co2; no

*extra information
Water temp 68F at all times
Using AN micro grow bloom a long with B-52
Brown stuff on roots at water surface level, no slime or smell.
I use hydroguard also
Water level is 2 inches below the net pot
1300GPH air pump for 6 buckets, rolling boil look in all of them.

What do the others look like?
If it’s only one I’m guessing the problem is below the soil line, topside looks okay as far as damage or infestation.
Is the feeding system isolated to each plant, or common supply.
If it is, I would investigate there by flushing it and making a new solution.

More information is better than less information, here’s the support ticket page to show you how.

ILGM Grow Support Ticket

These are the other plants, they are all in the same system using the same water.
I just flushed and replaced my water about 2 days ago.

Identical clones or seeds? Could be a genetic weakness in the root system, containment, or damage, could also be light stress if it getting too much intensity.
In any event, if it’s wilting and it’s not water deprivation, I would move it to a shady area or use white kitchen trash bag as a light defuse by making a canopy over it with coat hangers to hold it stable, you don’t want it loose where it can come in contact with the plant or the light.

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They are from seeds, this did seem like the weaker plant throughout the whole grow.
I have my lights at half dim, but I did it to try to get the plants to grow a bit taller as one is super short and bushy with really tight nodes.
I will try to give it some shade to see if it perks up.

Dwarf seedlings always get the chopping block around here! Never once did a reject seedling amount to anything worth a damn! They’re incorrigible little bastards!

I’d hold a soldering torch to it!


What’s the temp of the water in the pail of the affected plant ?

Also did you clean pails with anything when you flushed system ?
I find it’s best to just wipe out pails with a damp paper towel. It gets the salt build up off.

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It is 68F, when I replaced water the water I wipes all the buckets down with a wet sponge

Are all of the air lines the same length…?
And are all of the air stones the same… ?
I use 3% hydrogen peroxide to clean everything with no issues…

You measured temp in the pail correct ? Check it every day.
Check hose outlets in pails as well for blockage that can cause poor nutrient water movement. Sometimes roots block them up.
Check pump filters if you have any and clean them as well.

My water temp varies a bit from closest to farthest from rez. So best to check them all.


I have 4 Amnesia and they all droop a hour before lights off and rise up for the lights a hour after lights on .I’m new at this so I thought this was normal for marijuana in very hot climates .

The main Air line goes down to end of buckets and I have smaller air lines all same length going to each bucket. They have the same air stones also.
This is one of 2 buckets closest to air pump.

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This is one of 2 buckets closest to res, but I will check temp differences in all buckets when I get home.


Charles Darwin I presume…

Not if you ask the dwarf, it’ll tell you I’m Charles Manson!

@BetrayedSoul @peachfuzz

So I swapped which bucket it was in because I had an empty one due to a seedling dying.
And I seems like it perked up a tiny bit?
Is it possible it could be the air stone? Even though it same kind as other ones.


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It could be the airstone as they get clogged and need cleaning from time to time. Also some can be bad manufacturing and not work as good.
They are usually obvious when not working correctly. Just compare what it’s doing to the others.

This is what the plant looks like now, it’s slowly perking back up, also, the water now is about half an inch below what it used to be from the plants drinking it.
So I’m thinking, it was either water level line was too high, or the air stone is clogged in that one bucket.