Drooping yellow seedlings

Strain; Bag seed

Jiffy placed in regular potting mix

PH of 6.1

What is strength of nutrient mix? N/A


Light system, Optic 4 415w

Temps; Day, 82-84 Night 75-77

Humidity; Day 37-41 Night 50-60

Ventilation system; 3x3x6 tent w/ 190 cmf fan


Co2; No

At first i thought i was over watering them but the soil in the cup is bone dry however the jiffy puck seems moist.

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@47Auto No nuits yet and it looks like you are over watering nuits in about a week half str to start also your temp are to high seedling is 77f max and low is 64-67 rh at 70% 18/6 light scedule and the peat plugs look wet get a finger in plug and see how wet the plug is. So don’t water till the jiffy looks and feels dry and get temps within range

thanks. defiantly will try and adjust temps and pay closer attention to water.
This is my test run for ak autos i have coming.

Off subject but is Ocean forest soil to “hot” for seedlings?

No it’s not that hot most soil growers use that as well as frog ocean farm and fox farms is a really good one