Drooping plants after feeding

  • What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed: wedding Crasher bag seed
  • Method: Pro-Mix HP
  • Vessels: 3gal Pots
  • PH of Water: 6.3
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: N/A
  • Indoor or Outdoor: indoor/basement
  • Light system: 400w MH
  • Temps; Day, Night: 72-80, low of 55 during dark period
  • Humidity; 20-40%
  • Ventilation system; no
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,: no, yes, no
  • Co2; No

Weeks 3 and 4 above ground

Came in to the tent to see what looks like my plants taking a nap :grimacing:
Fed them all about 4 hours ago this morning with Jacks 321
1/4-1/3 gallon for the 2 in pots
4oz for the ones in cups.
This is the first time I’ve watered/Fed them since I did the transplant Saturday. And they were all pretty dry.

I’ve been having a little struggle maintaining a consistent temp in the tent. Usually Ranging from 72 at the lowest to 80. Thought I have walked in an the temp got to 92 at the highest. Humidity also on a wide range getting from 20 to 40 depending if the humidifier is on. I have an AC infinity inline fan arriving tomorrow I’m hoping that will solve my temp/humidity issues or atleast keep them in better range

I did give the 2 in the pots a little bend to give light to the developing nodes. When I came back they were standing back up but with the drooping leaves. Also have a little purple developing in the two top stems.

The plants overall are still very green just worried about the dropping

Wondering if maybe the ranging temps are causing stress?
Is it possible I watered too soon?
Jus looking for a little feedback since I’ve never seen them this droopy before. Any help is greatly appreciated

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The temp did drop to 55 at the lowest during the dark period. Once again hopefully the inline fan will keep the temp from ever getting that low again

I’m getting this issue in coco. Temps in low 60s and no humidity is tough on the plants. I’m in a similar situation. I did realize I was overfeeding at some point because the plants were just not drinking, just stunted and got burned too. Definitely keep those temps up and get a humidifier if you can.

I have a humidifier going right now. One thing I was worried about is the little blue and red lights on the humidifier being on during the dark period. Will that little bit of light hurt the plants?

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Some worry about it and some don’t. Personally I try to cover them up with black electrical tape. I know my tent has a few light leaks but (knock on wood) I have not had any problems with my last couple of grows.


Any thoughts?

@Eagles009 @MeEasy @Hellraiser @Nicky

About the little lights? Yes they can possibly turn your plants hermies. I would cover any and all lights even the smallest ones with tape. I use black electrical tape it comes off easily but it blacks out the lights


The drooping? They look ok so my first guess is they’re done for the day and taking a nap. Is it close to lights out? Could be a watering issue

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Yea i was too paranoid so I’m just turning it off during the 6hrs. But what do u think about the drooping? Should I be concerned?

I watered maybe 4hrs before the pic. First time I seen em like that so I went into a panic I guess. Gonna check them out when I get home. The lights just came back on them about 30 min ago

They will droop after watering when they already had plenty of water, or if the water is cold, or sometimes just because you watered them. They should perk back up in a few hours

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Poor drainage is another reason why it happened, roots don’t like soggy soil this goes with the first reason I put up there of plenty of water already

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#1 PH is high

#2 low temp is to low you have to fix that, cover the light on it with 2 layers of duct tape or something.

#3 yes humidity is low your in veg you want a higher humidity.

The AC infinity will Help alot.
Set your max temp (79f) turn min temp off
Set max humidity for stage of growth and temp your tent sits at (try 75% to start for the first 24hr tune from there following a VPD chart)
Turn off low humidity.
Keep alarms off.
Ensure its resting on AUTO On.


Got home and they’re back to their perky self. Maybe I just need to relax a little more haha :sweat_smile:


Them plants are how many weeks?? What kind of light do u have??? They look good but i swear i seen 4 weeks and they should be like 4 times that size by now.

Yea the 2 in 3gallon pots broke ground 1/16. Youngest one 1/23.
They were under a 40w blurple light all the way up to this past Saturday 2/6
Now they’re under a 400w MH light I was going to crank it to 600w this weekend.
I thought they were moving kind of slow myself, but one YT page I’m following had a batch growing at the same rate so Idk I’ve jus been tryna keep em heathy :sweat_smile:

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Anything good at the end is a plus. Next grow will be alot better. They will progress as u move forward. I am seeing this for myself. If u have the time for watering and dont mi d tge bit of xtra work id suggest canna coco for a medium it is super awesome. Bout 5 to 6 weeks from break just started flower like within tge week its a 420 fastbuds original bubblegum auto and is doing magnificent in the coco with jacks

4 days broke. W.w. auto

3 days broke w.w. auto

All in cancanna coco full strength jacks 321

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Not really a problem in veg but can certainly be a problem in flowering, I tape over any LEDs on equipment going into my tents.

Really don’t need 600 watts of MH at this point, the 400 would be fine for another few weeks.

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@Mark0427 yea I was definitely considering canna coco for my next run after following @Hellraiser journal.

My AC infinity inline fan just got here so I’m gonna put that together :pray:t4:

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