Drooping plant idk

Does this look like the outcome of overwatering?

Idk what’s going on with it. I give it just enough water when it’s dry on the top 1 -1 1/2 inch

My suggestion is to repot it to bigger pot and give it a good soaking.

Droopy leaves can be under water, over water, or even nutrient deficiency caused by small pot causing plant to be root bound. Putting in bigger pot and soaking will immediately fix two of the three possible issues. If it doesn’t recover within 24 hours it was probably overwatered but being in bigger pot will allow it to dry out quicker.

Also, what is the growing medium?


I really appreciate the advice!! I was thinking about re potting but I wasn’t sure. It’s an organic mix seed starter, peat moss mostly,on the first inch or two then some dr earth potting mix(pot of gold) under that

To early for a transplant… don’t do that now, got a couple weeks… from the top of the medium it looks dry… and the holes on the side of the cup are actually doing two things… 1. Is a good thing, oxygen to the root zone. With that being said. Number 2… it’s also allowing the cool less humid air to suck the humidity from the soil. Which in turn will dry it out faster than expected…

is there drainage holes on the bottom?? If not I’d suggest a razor blade and cutting out a drainage in the bottom. Then let’s go and give it a decent watering, we want about to water with PHd in the 6.2-6.5 range, being soil, and we want to ensure that we water until a tiny bit of runoff… it will come out of the newly added drain on the bottom… Then pick that cup up many times trying to remember how much it basically weighs in your hands to you, and in two or three days check back you should see it considerably lighter… Then water again but you want to be able to notice the weight differences. This will set you in the wet/dry cycles and then we can determine if it’s something else…

Went back and looked how far away are your lights? Which light are you using? Ambient temp and RH of room could also add into the situation here…

We’re all here to help though brother keep pushing through she’ll pull through.


She definitely isnt happy… id say underwaterjng looking at ur soil.

Pick up the cup. Is it SUPER light?

Are there holes at the bottom? (Pro tip there @TReynolds17 )

Slowly pouring helps ensure the entire medium is drenched, instead of just the top inch or two. Slowly in circles with time to let it soak in before pouring again. Should get runoff from all the drainage holes. Not just the tops or one side.


Yep, looks like a classic case of overwatering

Yeah that’s how you over-water, but doing that daily.

To fix, first let it dry out til the cup feels about empty. Then water fully til some runoff, which will take about 4-6 oz of water, remove the runoff so it doesn’t soak in it, then let it dry out again before watering which can take 3-4 days, repeat as needed. Wet/dry cycles is what you want in potting soil.


I appreciate your response!Yes there are drainage holes on the bottom.I have her about a foot and a half away from the light right now it is a viparspectra xs1500,Temperature is 75° and I’m at 63 humidity

If that plant was two weeks from germination I would say it was too early to transplant, but It looks to me like that plant has been struggling in that cup for considerably more then two weeks. It is not growing normally. Continuing to do the same thing for a couple more weeks won’t improve the situation. I stand by my suggestion to repot, it will make your life easier and the plant will grow better.

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Yeah it has been in that cup for about a month maybe ,it had a growth spurt about two weeks ago because I took it outside with me But it has been struggling to grow. It is sour diesel feminized