Drooping leavesin flowering

I’m currently growing some blue cheese in fox farms ocean forest soil that is in its 3rd week in flowering. I noticed a leaf on each plant was turning yellow and the lower parts of the plants are drooping. I water them every 3 to 4 days and I check the ph levels and mix the fox farms trio nutrients half strength. The symptoms would suggest that I’m overwatering them. The water drains well and I have the two plants in 3 gal fabric pots. Temps stay between 80-70 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity 40-55 (day and night).

Indoor grow 2x4 tent viparspectra tc600 light, fox farm ocean forest soil, 3 gallons fabric pots, 3 fans, 1 exhaust fan. Anymore info needed please inquire

Looks like an old fan leaf ready to be pruned by the plant. Nothing to worry about.


Not enough water. She is thirsty. Also looks like she needs more nutrients.


Yeah nutes and agree does look a lil dry too

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Looks thirsty and hungry. During flowering plants need more water. I would try watering every 2 days. Do you water until run off?

The yellowing leaves would suggest the plant needs nitrogen. Also, the purple stems might suggest a ph issue or the plant needs phosphorus and cal-mag.

Just my 2 cents…

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That’s crazy cause I am using cal-mag along with the fox farms trio. I was beginning to think that I was using to much