Drooping leaves?

I thought about that but I have fairly rocky soil which I can work with but I also have 4 dogs in my back yard haha. Also if I plant into ground I’m afraid they may turn into the monsters and get my neighbors attention with the smell. Idk I guess it is still something I would consider if I can build a chicken wire fence around.

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Well 4 foot plants are babies to me so… once you are able to get em growing, then you can prune like mad to make a hedge. You can also stake em down tonreduce height. The advantage of growing in large piles of soil is 1 plant can be trained or simply grown out to a large area. This means you dont need many plants to get the quantity of dope you need. I have grown loads of plants 1.5 to 2 pounds each dried. Ive also grown plants in the 8 to 10 pounds each dried. That said, some plants just dont produce much weed… case in point… mighty mites! They are great little pkants mostly suitable for sog growing… not very dandy as a mega plant.


Thank you both. The plants look to have acclimated well to outside. They do appear to droop a bit after about the second day of no water but perk right back up when fed. I do have a question about topping, I have heard conflicting things with some saying it isn’t needed for an outdoor grow. What are your thoughts as an outdoor grower?

Topping depends on what style of growth and training you want. If you are growing autos… it may not be a great idea as it does take a bit if time for the plant to make new material and time is not in your control with autos.
Topping has an advatage over supercrop or bending in that it keeps the plant symmetrical, whereas bending or supercrop does not. With large plants that get heavy, symmetry is important to reduce stress on limbs. That said, I normally provide support.
Cannabis plants dont all have the same structure, some are Naturally short maybe super bushy, others are really tall and perhaps sprawling. I lije to know growth habits before I decide to train them. For instance, if you know the plant is tall and you have limited height available, you may need to be creative. If you have loads of space you could let em run. Do you want a large central cola or lots of branch colas?
Os the plant stupid thick? Does it need airflow? Are lots of buds interior? May need to trim them off to enhance the outer buds?