Drooping leaves

I’ve posted on different Forums on this website! Sorry for reposting the same question again I I’m just trying to be cautious…

It’s my first grow, I’m growing one plant indoors in a closet it’s in its third week of preflowering, everything is real green buds are beginning to bloom everywhere, I’m using foxfarm tiger bloom and Big Bloom, together tiger bloom every other watering Big Bloom every watering ?

For some reason the lower part of the plant which has the big fan leaves or always droopy???

I’m not sure it’s because there are just so big and heavy or if there’s other problems? Most of the plant the leaves are always straight out like normal…

I did have some insect issues a few weeks back I believe it was spider mites, but since then there has not been any insect problems. I keep the temperature between 70 and 75 degrees.

Any other suggestions?

They look pretty healthy to me. Leaves themselves aren’t droopy. Looks to me like just big heavy fan leaves

your plant looks fine to me @Cajunboy777
i’m with @Watt-Sun on the bigger fan leaves…they are just big happy and healthy

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yeah i agree. they don’t look droopy, youll know if they start to drop because of an issue. mainly i think because atleast for me i feel a general uneasiness in the air when they start to have problems. (that may sound crazy i know but its just a sense i get.)

it wouldnt be a bad idea to get rid of the bigger fan leaves on the bottom to expose lower budsites. but it isnt necessary if you dont want to.

It’s getting bigger everyday. …,I’ll post pics soon…thanks