Drooping and bending leaves

Whats wrong with this plant?! ILGM Chocolope.

Need info fill out a support ticket and we will try to help

At first glance it’s either nitrogen or magnesium calcium deficiency more info would help exp media light inside outside nuits useing if any ph of water at watering ppm need all the info you can give

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So i know its something to do with the soil. i have the exact setup and light on 2 other plants. The only difference is the soil on this plant as I ran out and bought a random organic soil. I added vermiculite and perilite. So far no nuts added but im about to start them on the fox farm schedule at a third of the recommended dose. This plant is far darker, lower, and has leaves bending inward. Water is all phed at 6.5. I do have cal mag i can add if thats possibly it

See this right here, why are your leaves turned upside down?

Deficiencies don’t normally cause leaves to turn upside down and in my experience the plant will turn the leaves upside down when the lights are too close or something is wrong with the roots.


I just moved the lights up a few inches. ill keep monitoring that

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Heat was my first thought. What are your day and night temperatures and relative humidity?

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This is all just guessing. Until we have more info it’s kinda tough. Please fill this out and answer as completely as possible.

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Well… i just realized the thermostat ive been using is stuck at the same temp of 70… so heat very well may be it

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Let’s hope that does it! :+1:

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I’ve been getting away with using basic temp and humidity monitors from a pet store. I guess its time to upgrade

So what’s the actual temperature?

Im not quite sure as I just found out its stuck at 70. it feels like over that though. ill have to wait till my new one comes.

Oh I see. Dumb question, sorry.

So upon further investigation I now believe I have a cal/mag deficiency. the leaves are yellowing and the viens are greener. I just added some cal mag per instructions on the bottle.