Driver for hlg QB 288 v2

@dbrn32 I’m looking for some advice as to which is the best driver/s to use on the hlg qb288 v2. They recommend the HLG-240H-C2100 in series for 2 boards, or 1 HLG-120H-54 for each. I’d want the dimmable version. Any good reason to go with 2 drivers vs. 1? Is there a better driver you’d recommend? The sale price is pretty tempting, and with 1 driver I’d be at less than $1/watt. Thank you👍

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They’re not talking about how many drivers you need. The hlg-240 is to run 2 boards. The hlg-120 is to run 1 board. So the reason to go with the hlg-240 would be to run 2 boards. If you’re only getting 1 board then get the hlg-120.

If you want the onboard dimmer just make sure the part number ends with the letter A.

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Ha, I understand that part.
I was just wondering if there was a good reason to run 2 drivers vs. just the one other than convenience. I’m planning on getting the 2 boards + slate heat sinks they have on sale.

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Oh haha! If you’re buying 2 boards I would get the hlg-240h-c2100a. It’s cheaper that way and I prefer the constant current drivers. The only real advantage to getting two hlg-120’s would be a little more power, and if one failed you would still have half a light. But they rarely fail if installed properly and have something like 7 year warranty.


@dbrn32 I could use some professional opinion here.
I bought 2 hlg 288v2 boards @3000k with separate slate heat sinks, and the hlg240h driver.
What do you think the maximum flowering footprint is with these for a scrog? My original intention was with a 22"x36" effective screen with one plant. But now I’m wondering if I might be able to squeak out a bit more from it. 30"x40"? 24"x48"? It’d be in my 4’x8’ with another grow next to it.
What position would be optimal for each grow? With what kind of space between the lights?

this IMG_2937
Or this?

And finally, I’m assuming wiring them in series is the best way to go?

You have hlg-240h-2100? Series is the only way to wire those boards.

End to end you’re looking at 12” between boards for a 2x4 ish foot print. Side by side, like 4-6” for a 3x3. I wouldn’t push them too far if they’re not going to have reflection all the way around.

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I’m probably going to go with an effective 22x46" so the net will fit in my other tent. That’d be 7sq ft, with 250w… so 35ish watts/sq ft. Not terrible. The scrogs will be in an L formation, with the smaller one only having 1 wall of reflection.
I just need these little girls to keep growing and growing.
Thank you.

You bet! Go with something like pic on bottom 10-12” between the boards.

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I spaced the boards out 11". Looking good. IMG_2980