Driver finished?

I tried to strip off some wire off the ground cable because it wasnt secure enough in the wago connector. Ended up almost cutting the whole wire off . I doubt electric tape will fix this. Guess I gotta get a new driver

Just cut that off and restrip that wire


Restrip it and wrap it around the silver coated one?

No, that’s just a tinned lead. You should be able to twist the wire and stick it back in that wago. If you want you can pick up some solder and a solder iron and tin the fresh wire. But you should be able to twist the fresh wire and stick it in there


Ok thanks alot. Not really experienced in this department but you helped me save alot of time

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Yep, buy a new one. Send that to me and I’ll recycle it for free…


Ha thats a good one, quick on your feet, got me a chuckle going at work on a long Friday afternoon.

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@BobbyDigital is right about the tin on the wife it is just to keep the end together for the builder. Just strip, twist, and stick it back in the wago.