Drip system for soil grow help

Can I use a drip system how is it done on timer what about flow and storage tank help needed is it better then hand watering starting new job would like to setup that can manage watering while at work

My buddy had special timer for every 3-4 days it would water. He always had problems with one or more dribble tips either over watering or under.I water by hand after lights come on. Hope that helps.

Same here man always have

This is where im at now first grow month till harvest used to small pot oh well learn from my mistakes


Beautiful plant dude.

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Perfect size , what you mean wrong size , this is the perfect scrog in a 3 gallon . I’ve had my best success in a 3 gallon and a 1 gallon smart pot with and early flowering fem plant , jus cause I had no more room and that Kush didn’t put out much wieght , but the buzz was unimaginable one of my best .

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I only wish I can reach this kind of success , man that plant looks amazing .

It’s 1.5 gallon pot I think if it were a 3 gallon I wouldn’t be stressed right now lol this far in I don’t want any issues with the roots or anything for that matter but your right she is a beautiful plant weird thing is still no strong smell and if I bush up against a leaf it smells of well like Lemon and lime only way to describe it from what I’ve read about gorilla glue haven’t heard it said that way any thoughts?

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Your plant makes mine look like Charlie Brown Christmas tree. LOL. I think you’ll be fine…