Drip irrigation system/support ticket

Setting up room would like to know thoughts on running 4 plants in 7 gallon cloth pots in 45/45/10 Coco/vermiculite/worm casting with drain pans to sealed reservoir with mixing/circulation pump and a bladder thinking 20 g res don’t know size or material of bladder thinking by using Henry’s law should be able to pump up bladder with o2 and it will fully enrich my solution no air pumps or stones also bladder will deflate letting me know when to refill res when pressure drops from plant using tea thinking I will have to create a water column with drain water to overcome bladder for a complete recirculation. room will be 4x8 sealed with 2 co2 bags 2 oscillating fans and a 6inch hyper fan with carbon filter 1230 Watts lec/hps any thoughts would be appreciated

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Thank for info I am a newbie sucking up all info I can I think u misunderstood the bladder as it gets filled with pure o2 using Henry’s law this would be most efficient for enrichment sealed res so surface pressure is increased forcing enrichment just my thoughts

Just started grow journal check it out

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Thanks for info I use exhale bags for co2 that will cover that don’t have meter yet but this is easiest way for co2 enrichment in my opinion no moving parts plus there supposed to last 6mnths I think.but I’m talking about oxygen enrichment

I plan on using exhale co2 bags also but haven’t heard how effective the are. I need a meter.

I am building in basement going to just paint walls should keep temps stable from ground temp save on heat and cooling also thinking hole in floor for res water will stay at 65° I think should keep nasties away I also use benis endo/ecto thinking small pump with big holes/emitters in tubing and drain pans back to res with a sealed standpipe this should make a good trap so oxygen can’t escape res.I will go to tank and controller setup like yours when I can afford it but that’s why I’m not venting so I don’t lose any plus I don’t think the bag can produce enough for it to get to dangerous levels how long does it take you to go through a bottle of co2

I don’t know how well the exhale bag is working as this is my first grow I just grabbed it for insurance as it was 33 bucks and supposed to last 6 mnths I know it’s working as the bag puffs up