Drilling and darkness on Autos before harvesting

I have 2 WW autos that are almost ready. Showing about 5-10% amber right now. My questions is, would it be an advantage to drill an auto 5-7 days before harvest and also put them in darkness for 24-48 hrs before harvesting? I have been reading on all of this and didn’t know if the technique applies to autos as well. And, would the ice bath help too?

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That’s a good question. As far as i know, drilling and darkness period only refers to photos, but I don’t see why you couldn’t try it.

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I’ve always read and heard you don’t want to split the stem for more then 72 hours

I did both drilling & darkness on my autos. Caused no issues. Both are just things you do to fool your plants into thinking that they either need to protect themselves & produce more trichs OR that winter’s almost here and they need to ripen up quickly.

I did an ice bath on a photo plant, but didn’t try it on my autos. It definitely helped the photo period plant develop a bit more snow.