Dried weight after harvest

how much dry weight should I expect from 1 white widow plant?

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Depends on growing conditions. Dry weight is typically 20-25% of wet weight. Lights, nutrients, pot size, temp and humidity all play a factor.


Too many factors to even approximate. As @registereduser says, it depends on a lot of things - plant size, veg time, is it a photo or an auto, and many other factors will determine yield.


Thanks registereduser.

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Thanks FiixerPower. I just finished drying my first ever plant and the weight was .42oz I am growing my first plant as a very senior citizen to see if it will help my husbands alzhiemers disease.

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25% of wet weight

As others have stated, there are too many variables to give you a useful answer.

We see folks getting 8 - 10 grams from a plant to well over 400 grams per plant.

The primary things that will affect yields are light intensity and pot size. This assumes that you maintain proper growing conditions including temperature, humidity, nutrient levels and soil pH.

Don’t let a modest first effort slow you down, it is a learning process and there are many folks on this forum that will help you when needed.


Thank you everyone!!!

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This is a few years old but @bob31 started this. Might have some good data for you.

What Is the Weight of Your Harvest?

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What are your conditions? Light? Pot type and size, what type of soil are you using? Are you ph’ing your water? We can help you increase your yield on your next grow, if you choose to continue…

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how do you ph water? mine is currently at 7. Is that too alkaline?Thanks for the help.

It depends on your medium that you use on where you want it. And most people use ph up/down from general hydroponics. But there are other ways I’m sure, by adding certain nutes it will raise and lower. So I suppose you could get your ph where you want by balancing them out to get it where you want it.

Thank You Shaggy.

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No problem. Ask around and search through threads. Lots of friendly faces and lots to learn.