Dried buds in jars settled at 63% rh

Should the RH in the mason jars gradually decrease over time. Burped jars until the 63% was reached which was one shy of my 62% goal. No humidity pack used. It’s been over two weeks and the percentage has not budged. Yesterday I kept the jars open for about 20 minutes to see it would change. Within an hour after closing, it climbed back up to 63% with no change. The hygrometer drops to 55% when out of the jar so it’s working fine.
I know it’s a target percentage but should it be dropping gradually? I’m not too worried. Just want to know if it’s normal.

Be well…elliot

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It will drop, but only as much as you keep burping, and ever so gradually. I wouldn’t sweat where you are at.


Yep :point_up_2:. My amnesia has been curing for 2 months now. They started around 68% and are down to 63% now. So they gradually go down.


What kind of hygrometer? Mine is for a grow room or tent.

Keep burping. In my opinion that’s still a little too wet for smokable flower. If you were processing maybe a different story though.