Dream a little dream

Growing blue dream for the first time. Any tips for these little ladies?


Not much out of the ordinary that I remember. Good luck with your grow!

I have grown Blue Dream in hydro and in soil, indoor and outdoor as well. She is a pretty forgiving strain that is rather easy to grow in my experience. My dog ate all the leaves off of one of my Blue Dreams in the back yard. 1 growth survived on each limb and magically grew back and is still in my back yard.

For pet lovers, my dogs don’t ever eat plants. My girl had an upset stomach and I have fake grass in the back yard. So she went after the first green thing she could find to help with digestion and she made the wrong choice. She threw it right back up minutes later.

Back to the subject, Blue Dream is easy to grow. Here is one of my 3 Blue Dreams I have at the moment. I am feminizing her with GDP to make Purple Dream, but only on one branch. This BD is a 4th generation clone