Drainage questions

Hello everyone I’m looking for suggestions to help my plants drain like something to sit them on right now there just sitting on drain plates I want something that will keep my plants off the floor so they will drain easier

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I have seen some people put wire cooking racks or grill racks on top of their pot saucers. Something as simple as 2 pieces of wood (1x1 or something small) over the saucer to support your pot would probably work also.

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It’s funny you posted this. I’m currently looking for something myself. Closest thing I can find are some grates on Amazon. I’ve seen some people with some cool little metal ones. I only want them to be like an inch off of the drainage saucers. Thanks for the post I’m going to keep following along, see what people say. I imagine if you use wood, which I’m leaning towards since I do have some scrap, you’d probably need to put some kind of all weather sealant on it I’m guessing? Good luck with your growing.

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Yeah thats a good idea I’m gonna look at some grates like that to use I’ve got a old grill rack that might work thanks

Yeah @neckNflu I’ve been looking all over to find something it’s been a challenge to make sure they drain properly where the holes are right against the pans when they drain I wouldn’t use would because of having to seal it up I want something that’s gonna be as easy as just placing them on it lol

This is what I did. I used the racks off of a storage thing that we ended up with.

I have subsequently changed the saucers to hydrofarm12" saucers. They are heavy plastic, fits perfectly under 5 gallon fabric pots and easier to handle and clean when it comes to testing runoff ph.
Using an elevated rack makes getting runoff much easier than using plant riser & saucer combination. The most common racks I see are wire shelving available at Lowes, Home Depot etc.
If you just want a riser 13" grow pro nx is what I used.


If I don’t have headroom, or want to keep pot off the ground outside I’ll use one of these. They cost about $5 at local grow store and will last for years. Come in sizes for different sized pots and trays.

If I have headroom in my tent I use this system. Collects in 1 gallon pail under cart.

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I got these off Amazon risers, it’s the best pic I have of one they are like plastic xs

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Thanks I think I’m gonna try to do that with wood and 3 cooling racks(I can buy a set from acme for like 15$) that’s exactly what I was looking for for my half organic half synthetic run

This one is a little different. It is part of the frame for a scrog. I had some 18’ garage floor tiles left over.

Again designed for easy access to drain saucer.
Are the cooling rack sturdy enough for the weight of a watered plant?

When propped up with wood I’m sure they’ll do fine if they can handle a heavy cake im sure they can handle a decently heavy 5 gallon pot

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would that be a pound cake?