Drain overwatered pot, beginner, Autoflower

I know I overwatered my girls and I was wondering if there’s a way that I can help dry out the soil without repotting them to avoid unnecessary stress

This depends on the size, and age of your plants. If they’re more mature, they’ll be okay. If they’re younger, just be sure you have adequate air circulation, and they’ll dry out.

They’re about two and a half weeks old working on their 5th set of nodes, I started them off in their final pot to try and avoid any repotting stress. I was aware of the potential over-watering implications of this at the time and still foolishly made the mistake, live and learn :joy:

Yeah that age is old enough they’ll dry out.
Water in a ring around it, so the roots reach to the water. Pictures are okay here too. :wink:

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