Dr. RXd me marinol? Inspite of knowing I smoke cannabis. Read on for story

I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. I’m a long time smoker but only cannabis. I have back, spinal chronic pain and Chrons diagnosis, then weight loss etc.
So my gastroenterologist specialist overseeing my Chrons disease knows I use cannabis and has no problem with me using it and suggested it. But made clear they don’t deal w/ medical cannabis. No problem but I’m in MN the only state where medical cannabis can’t be smoke flower only vape. Stupid! And they tell you how many hits you need a day it - some crap. GI doctor refers me to a motility Dr. In same clinic. First visit she hears me saying I used to enjoy eating now it’s a bother. Specialist had recommend meal replacement drinks even. So her take on it?
Let’s put you on Marinol! I couldn’t believe it I had a friend in high school that had cancer and took it back in 1985. Doctor feels that straight synthesized THC pills will help my appetite. I seldom get munchies anymore but Marinol according to Rx sites indicates it makes you hungry 24 7. From just 2 doses a day. I can’t believe how grown the pharmacies even know what it is I have to spell it for him even though it’s spelled simply like it sounds. So I’m still waiting for local pharmacy to get it in I will keep you peeps posted if you’re interested and if you have any questions postum here.

PS it’s usually given to chemo patients and HIV AIDS for combating wasting syndrome. Just weird she thought to try it - when no other Dr or Rx people ever heard of it and weren’t even aware. In the age of legalization of cannabis some motility Dr same one my wife sees, but for GP with diabetes, obesity etc. Wife was ass hurt Dr didn’t offer it to her. We scheduled back to back the doctor got all weird about doing is back to back sitting in each other’s. LOL when we got home I explained they’re not going to give a overweight diabetic something that makes you hungry 24x7 at low doses. Bear in mind it is not from the plant so it’s super expensive probably why I no one has heard of it I think that’s ironic in the legalization age. :roll_eyes: In Reading about it effects vary but most common is feeling high. The drug is drombinol generic THC but no entourage effects. Read about guy’s wife on Reddit who was familiar with cannabis edibles and it Ficked her up. Some other guy said his daughter took it as a child didn’t feel anything. Hmmm I’ll have to report the effects as 9 Delta tetrahydrocannabinol Is converted to 11 hydroxy tetrahydrocannabinol. About 5 times stronger I read, but again no other cannabinoids present it’s the psychoactive THC alone.
It’s covered by insurance too :grin: Co pay a bit high. No pun intended. I’m curious to see what effects it provides. Some kid said his grandma ate like crazy after stopping eating. She also acted really loopy. We’ll see.

My father in law was prescribed it when he was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer. He didn’t like taking the pills but loved to hit a bowl or a joint. Said the pills didn’t make him hungry most of the time but would sometimes work. Don’t know why they just don’t let us consume how we want to consume. I feel like most doctors are ok with it as long as it’s synthetic :pensive: Best of wishes to you in your battle with your health. Hopefully you can find some relief. :heart:

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