Dr. krippling seeds

is anyone growing anything from dr.krippling. I have tried to grow krippleberry and Delhi friend and not having any luck starting from seed. I soak them for about 24 hours then put them in the paper towel. the pop and get good tap roots but when I put them in Rockwool cubes or grow medium in solo cups they come up good but their leaves are always curled under and never do anything else. I do all my seeds the same way and they seem to do good have several going now that I started the same way without problems. it just seems like the dr. crippling seeds maybe are just no good. I just got 5 of the incredible bulk seeds from them to try but now I am like why bother.

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First I’ve heard of this ? I have some incredible bulk I’m going to try this fall …keep us updated !?

@fuelman426, `Just go ahead and try thoughs seeds, if they do the same thing.
Just follow this links
The seed bank he has White Widow buy ten get ten free. Its a greatl
Deal. If you have any questions feel free to ask me anytime.




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no they don’t grow they come up as soon as they sprout they first leaves are curled up like it has a seed stuck on it but it doesn’t. I have started pyramid seeds, crop king , auto brand , delicious,fast buds, sweets and strain hunters and never have problems with them. i even start the dr.crippling in cubes right beside the others they are getting the same light water everything any of the others get. they sprout up but always the same outcome first leaves curl up and the seedling does off. I was honestly thinking maybe just bad genetics from dr. crippling.

so the two Delhi friends that I thought were dead I sprayed with superthrive and fed a little superthrive. and have become little seedlings.

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That’s cool ! :thumbsup: I love superthrive

…are your incredible Bulks Auto or regular?

they are the regular. I haven’t started them yet. I just cracked and planted. 2 greenhouse seeds moby dick,2 afgooey, 2 money makers and 3 world of seeds pakistan valley. I am trying to get away from the autos and work with the photoperiods I think I will be able to control veg better and cut clones. instead of continuously starting seeds.

Oh wow… I’ve Got 5 regular, had them a couple months was going to start this fall

I don’t know what to think about this ? I’m still following this, good luck, glad those other two made it !

Oh man you’re going to LOVE the money makers, just wait and you’ll see @fuelman426! I’m glad to see someone else growing it, it was one of my favorite plants I grew in hydro.

ktreez do you have a journal of your afgooey grow? I would like to see it? all the seeds I planted the other day have sprouted except for the afgooey . did you notice yours taking any longer to sprout than any others?

Dude why don’t you just Google it ? That’s where I got my info on afgooey

…there’s tons of pictures, grow journals and all kinds of info about it on the internet ?

Edit: I just read what I said above now and it sounded kind of pissy and it wasn’t meant to be at all I had the same question you had and that’s how I got my info

after I looked it up I got some too, I’m growing the goo, Dr. Crippling and I’m deciding between ilgm strawberry Kush and their new Girl Scout cookie this fall …I think I might go with the cookies because from what I hear it’s closer to the high I’m looking for … hope this clears it up and good luck


Ive got 5 GSC seeds on the way with 5 GL also, first round didn’t make it through customs fingers crossed they’ll make it through this time. Will be starting a grow journal in the next month hopefully, going to go with 4 GSC and 2 GL

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Hey gang, I have some Blue Krippling fem. some wear in the fridge. Hope it germinates all right! Later, Mike

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