Dr. Grinspoon Indoor First Grow

Hello everyone!
Feels nice to be here. I have been reading for quite some time without making an account, there were times when i was absolutely desperate but managed to find answers here without problem. I have 2 more diaries (same plant) on 2 other sites, people have helped me a lot with suggestions recommendations and solutions to problems i didn’t even know i was having. Most of them prompted me to research, and research i did, without it, i wouldn’t be here writing this :slight_smile:

So here’s my first ever post, a diary for Dr.Grinspoon.
(first post will be lengthy, the upcoming will be short with more pictures)

I acquired the seeds 2 years ago, after an extensive research on patients with ADHD that reported self medicating with cannabis, me and my wife found that 90% of them reports suggested picking sativas over indicas (based on the type of ADHD), reports of better clarity, focus and head that is “not foggy” and in best case scenarios, replacement for prescribed meds.

2 years ago when i ordered the seeds, i didnt know anything about this majestic type of plant other than you can pipe it and smile for a few hours, nothing about growing, caring, harvesting or even curing (a term that i only discovered maybe a month ago). So with this pandemic that plagued the world for the past 7 months, i decided to give it a go.

Planted 1 seed in pure Coco coir in my closet, with a light kit i got from wish, 10 notes i spent on it and when it arrived i couldnt for the life of me find any indication or specification as to how powerful it is or how much wattage it was or any branding whatsoever.

This is day 6.

Day 11, I replanted to what i thought would be her final pot, which wasnt the case, the pot was too big with little to no drainage, resulting in a very dangerous salt buildup over the course of 4 weeks.

Day 18.

Day 20.

Day 25.

Day 36.

Day 38, at this point in time, i was watering COCO once a week, because the previous feed would not drain and obviously because of no drainage the salt buildup had begun getting serious, but i had no way of figuring this out. Yet.

Day 46, The day i noticed the very first problem that made me absolutely panic. Keep in mind this was already 6 to 7 weeks time and it felt heartbreaking, so much effort to go to waste. This is the day i begun researching a bit more seriously and discovered all these forums where you can post pictures and make a diary and other people would look at your efforts and throw their 2 cents.

I quickly realised i need to repot, somewhere that has drainage, and i need to begin watering daily, if not hourly, not because the plant needed it, purely for my own sanity, collect drainage, test, repeat.

Day 48, i got so scared of feeding after the incident, that i decided to cut nutes completely and just give the plant water, which resulted in this.

Day 51, by this point, I had already discovered that my light was shit, and this is an understatement. So i begun researching better light kits on the internet, but wasnt ready to spend enough money to buy a quality product, so i went with Phlizon high power series 2000w (308w actual draw). I contacted them asking about the 2000w marketing strategy and they came back to me saying that they advertise it this way to let people know it can replace a 2000w HPS, all these abbreviations and terminologies were new to me so i just ignored them all, and went with it.

Day 59, the lower leaves have begun falling, which is when i begun giving nutes again. I had a right stress and confusion with Advanced Nutrients, trying to figure out a safe dosage etc, this is where i discovered a few topics on here throwing all these statements about “snake oil” and history of child abuse by the ceos and directors of the AN company (not what i was looking for) but i didnt pay too much attention to them, i managed to dig out some posts from waaaaaaay back, explaining in perfect detail.

From this point on, the journey begun. The plant had completely come back around from the stress, and begun growing like it would in any other persons hands.
I repotted into a 9L air pot and kept this as her final container.

Day 61. after a very long read online i finally gathered the balls and topped her, expecting the worst

Day 63

Day 66

Day 68, I begun the training ( a little late indeed) i got so worried that topping her would ruin everything so i left her recover for a week, feeding like i was. and the results were amazing. I definitely did not expect her to grow up like that after topping, Another question appeared, when should i push flowering(?) Considering it is such a tall strain and im growing indoors, i thought i will have problems.

So on day 70, i finally switched the lights, and this was her day 0 of flowering. A few videos of Kyle Kushman later, i defoliated the whole plant and left it alone.

Skipping to day 78, a week into flowering i noticed the plant is getting tall, taller that i was comfortable with. My tent is 1.2x1.2x2m (4x4x6(?) i dont respect the imperial system so i might be wrong) and the plant was already half way up so i asked people to suggest me options to control that and people came back, prompting me to scrog, another term i had to google and research. I rushed to town to find a PVC screen mesh. I had doubts thinking it was too late to scrog (week into flowering) but did it nonetheless.

Kept lowering the net hourly, until i reached the split, which is where i stopped. Looks bad, is held by zip ties, not sturdy at all, but seems to be working.

Day 79.

Day 80.

Day 83, the scrog was coming along nicely, branches shooting above it made me so happy, i finally felt i was doing something right.

Skipping to day 87, the stretch was already in full power, which is when i had to begin thinking about LST. Wouldnt hurt to have done it at an earlier stage, but at this point i had no other option.

Day 89.

The LST continued until the present day, the stretch somewhat has stopped though. I still needed to find some balls to supercrop some branches that i couldnt fit tied down.

Day 91.

Day 92.

Day 93, as i was bending the branches back onto themselves to try and bring the tops into the lights footprint, i got met with a “happy” accident (wasnt at the time)

So i went ahead and bent more of them thinking well if its now so be it.

Day 98, The LST continued, nothing major to report on these days other than more and more and more stretch, the pistils appeared, my girl begun making her flowers.

Day 99.

Day 100.

Day 103. I was met with this problem, I noticed the top leaves canoeing downwards, but never actually paid attention or researched it enough to know it was a N toxicity all along, everytime i bent those branches or tied them down to the grid, those leaves unfolded, so i assumed this was a sign of light deprivation, which it wasnt.

Day 106.

This is how the inside of the tent is looking, i managed to gather most equipment week by week as im furloughed and didnt need to spend money on anything other than this.

Currently on day 107, Nothing major to report other than the fact that i flushed the medium last night because i finally figured out it was a N toxicity and not light deprivation that made the leaves curl like that.
I am estimating another 7 weeks to go, in these 7 weeks, i will order a few more things, among them a microscope, so i can take some macropictures and share with the community.

Thanks for reading, more updates will come. If you have something you want to say, suggest, or mock me of, please go ahead and do so, i will gather all opinions and make a mental note so i can form my own. There will be things i did wrong, and things im still doing wrong, i would like to hear about them so i wont do any more mistakes. Any input is appreciated. Still have harvesting and curing to research and read about, which i will do when the time comes.


Generally you’re doing great job, just need more light in your space.


I am heavily eyeballing Lumanteks Zeus 600W pro, but my wife is literally gonna kill me if i spend 900 notes on that… Like i said i wasnt ready to spend money for quality, but i know now, and the next run i would like to have it…
I know zon and flea bay advertisement is way off, and ill be selling this blurple ones before i consider running another grow. Ill either go with scopes if money will be tight, otherwise i want the zeus :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words <3 im doing my best :smiley:

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Hlg has some decent fixtures for a little less. Worth taking a look. They don’t fudge the numbers. They’ll cover what they say. What size space is it? 4x4?


Wow that plant has been on quite the ride! Pretty wild.


Sorry guys, i would have replied yday but was silenced for 18h by the bot :stuck_out_tongue: new account and all.
@Covertgrower I think it is that yes, im not very good with the imperial system, grew up knowing 1000 makes 1 :stuck_out_tongue: the tent is 1.2x1.2x2m.

@Eagles009 Yeah tell me about it bruh :smiley: the plant and me both… still got 7 weeks to go (±)…

This is Day 109, Im sorry for the blurry pictures my phone screen broke a few weeks ago and im having to use my wifes old one which isnt the best at taking pictures…

Getting bigger and bigger, the “Feather dusters” appeared, covering itself with trichromes.
Im feeding at an EC of 1.2, got the Bluelabs Truncheon a week ago and it turned out the digital i had was completely off, I thought i was feeding 1.8EC and everything was absolutely fine, then i recieved the truncheon and kept feeding at 1.8 but noticed i didnt have to dilute the feed as much, Tested the truncheon against the old digital one and almost passed out…
This was my runoff, after i fed it with what i thought was 1.8EC

I flushed with 8 litres of fresh plain water, and made feed that was 1.8EC on the digital meter and 1.2EC on the truncheon. Since then, im feeding 1.2 on the truncheon. I hope i will revert the clawing, and not stress the plant too much now its in flowering…


Fun ride. It all sounds so familiar. Even the meters. Mine were not that far off but in the end, if you can’t calibrate your equipment don’t buy it or at least plan on replacing it soon.


Ive got the Maintenance and Calibration kit in the basket, Ill order it tomorrow. I am gonna trust the truncheon anyway, i cant see how the digital would be any good, the difference in price is very big and everyone is loving the truncheon so im pretty sure the digital one is just done for after 5 months of use. The probes mustve corroded and its showing random numbers…


Yep. That’s it. I would have converted for you had I known. So those fixtures will work.

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Okay! I just googled them, they are the US equivalent of Diyleduk, off brand DIY led boards that come disassembled. The zeus 600w pro and the scopes are from a site exactly the same but for europe.
I realised when purchasing light kits most of the times you pay about 30% for the branding, and sites like HLG or Diyleduk will use that 30% to give you a little bit better performance since you basically pay for the parts instead of marketing, advertising, brand logo and name etc…

I will open the “dream fund” savings account when this run is over, and until i get that overkill light i wont rest in peace xD


Here’s an update for day 112, last day of week 6 of flower.
The plant is getting smellier, i did a little potency test, pinched a bud from the bottom half of the plant and dried it in the microwave for 15 sec.
At first there was nothing but then my eyebrows got really heavy, and i felt a pressure opposite to the base of my tongue, i couldnt really make sense when i was trying to explain or talk about something and the euphoric and happy feeling was almost overwhelming. The high lasted about 20-25 minutes, but it was nothing like ive ever tried before :smiley: im very excited to see this mature to its full potency!!


Gotta love a tester bud!!

Hey lang has really stretched out, well done!!

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Thank you :slight_smile: believe it or not i am still winging it xD


Heres day 113
The microscope has finally arrived :smiley:

There is not much change on the plant to warrant any picture updates yet, so ill leave it at this.

Tested the truncheon tool in their calibration liquid, which was supposed to be 2.77EC and the truncheon read 2.0EC and dropped to 1.8EC when the temps settled. i contacted Bluelab and all they came back to me with was a question if i kept the shroud on when i was testing. I requested a replacement with amazon, the new one arrives tomorrow. Ill do the same test on both to see wtf is going on. I may be the unluckiest person alive…
I have some leaf tip burn here and there, its more visible now, i blame amazon.


what did you get?
Bunch of trich pics at
(Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)

Got a cheap Jiusion one, works with USB can connect it to a phone. Its still too early anyway, got another 7 weeks to go ±
Thanks for that link :smiley: ill have something to read!

fun to see what is going on and see how they change.


I love the way those buds are popping up down the branches. What strain is it??

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It is called Dr.Grinspoon, i think its previous name is Quaze Haze(?) something about Neville’s Haze genetics that makes a beady or “pearl” like structure on the stem, instead of a regular conical bud.
The problem is that, since 2018, the breeder has had a very difficult time isolating this particular phenotype, and most of the bean packs since have all been random, some have less trichomes, some dont make as many pistils, all of them grow in a “Feather Duster” shape.
Ive been following some growers on other forums that tried finding this rare phenotype but almost everyone 2018 onwards has gotten the other ones.

I bought these seeds in june 2018, so i am also one of them people. Initially i thought i might have gotten it, because of how you say the buds started growing, but a few weeks in the grow i now realise its not the one. Mine has more pistils and its a bit more hairy yes, but its still not the one that this strain is famous about.

The reason i chose this 14 week flowering strain is because of the professor Dr. Lester Grinspoon and his studies, but also self medication reports from ADHD patients. After all, this whole project was mainly to help my wife get off her prescriptions. I believe into a gogo smoke instead of a gogo pill y’know…

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Its supposed to be growing like this.