Dr.Evils ''moon rock breaker'' the puns continue!



Out of likes, but appears they are cruising along very well!

Did you make any decisions on the next light project?


i’m still rummaging the junk yards trying to find something just right! lol
then we can size everything according to that…lol


Nice @BIGE looking good!


@dbrn32 i found some 1/8 in aluminum plate for 1$ a lb…
going to check it out later this morning.
i’ll keep you posted!


Buy extra, did you see what it was selling for on auction site?


i did not see the price…yea i will buy plenty…
i also have a wooden deck to replace on my boat…lol


Ha, there ya go!


they did not have any 4by4 sheets left…lady just posted ad last night!
so i got some 3by4 and 2by4 pieces, 70 lbs worth!


today’s haul @dbrn32 @MattyBear @Myfriendis410


And that’s on top of the other aluminum you just ordered! You’re gonna have to build me one too! Lol


Holy smokes, for $70?


1$ a lb i got enough to re-deck my boat and build some excellent lights!



any leads on wago connectors,and small grommets to run wires through?


Not sure if there’s a menards local to you? But you can buy them in small quantities there for decent price. Not sure if Home Depot or Lowe’s carry, but I would guess. I bought one of them 100 piece assortments cheap on amazon maybe 2 years ago. But they seem to have gotten a little more expensive.

I snagged grommets from work so haven’t really shopped for them much. I feel like I’ve seen them at most auto parts stores though.


yea,i’m going to make this light uniform,without wire nuts and such…


Those wagos are nice for that, they can be glued in place out of the way. I’ve also used terminal strips that should be reasonably found at home improvement or electronic stores. You just have to make sure they are rated for voltage and current you’re using.


on the 280mm strips we use a 700ma driver?
how many strips can be fired with an hlg120h c700a


700ma is max current. I think they would be ok there, but on something like aluminum plate I’d be a little leary of running a lot of them tightly spaced on the plate.

If you’re going with a dimming driver you can throttle back the output current if need be. But I’m not sure you’d want to risk designing a light that needs to be run at less than full power? I’m guessing at that too, it could be perfectly fine. But I haven’t set them up like that, so I’m not sure. I’d feel a lot more comfortable in the 350-500ma range. There should be able to mount them side if you wanted. The other option would be going to 700ma, and then potentially setting up a pc fan on top of the plate if it gets a little hot.