Dr.Evils ''moon rock breaker'' the puns continue!


lol,i will spread them out…are there 1120mm gen 2 also?


how many 560 would be comfy in 2by2


Yessir bridgelux gen2 in 280mm, 560mm, and 1120mm. Just like the first gen.

Help me understand what you’re trying to do here, just so I can make sure I get you set up with best driver. You can’t possibly be hoping to put 30 strips in that 2x2 right?


As long as they will fit width wise, I don’t see any reason to do more than 150 or so watts. If you do 700ma that’s 10 strips like 2” between strips. At 1050ma that’s 7 strips like 3” between strips.


If you have money you’re trying to throw away you can put 14 gen 2 560mm strips on hlg-185h-c700 for like 190 Watts. That’s pretty much half inch spacing, also unnecessary in my opinion.


I just wandered over to specs on 280mm strips. They would fit nice in 2x2, there’s some solid options for them around 90-100 watts or 140-150 watts.

There’s not really much for constant current drivers between there. The hlg-80 is 90 Watts max, the hlg-120 is 150 watts max. If you want to give up dimming, you can get into an lpc driver. They’re available in 100 Watts and 150 Watts.


i need to find some aluminum stock like @Myfriendis410…lol
i really like that set up…surrounding my mehzis


You can always try a local scrap yard. Plate, bar stock, channel, tubing, or whatever. If you can find a deal on it, we can find a way to make it work.

I have those 280mm strips I just bought I’ve been looking for 12”x12” plate for. Looks like best prices I’ve found is eBay. May be worth checking there too.


yea,i’ll be back on the sanford and son train looks like! lol scrap yard
sorry i was so elusive yesterday i had a lot going on then i pretty much passed out! lol
did not put a dent in my chores…i have let my shed get cluttered and it makes everything twice as hard…lol
raining too so that was not helping none.
so ten gen 2 560mm strips on a hlg-120h-c700ma driver?
can the strip number be lower? just wondering in the case i use like 8or9 of them…


No worries by me bud. That hlg-120h-c700 will has voltage range of 107-215 on the output. So it has to be at least 6 of those strips, and no more than 10. 8-9 probably work real nice for you.


does the hlg-120h-c700 have the on board dimmer?
on the bxeb-l1120z-30e4000-c-b3 what kind on driver with on board dimmer would fire 4-6 strips,or is there one?
another ques;at the end of the part # for the strips there is like an a3 or b3 what is this?
and good morning!


Good morning to you as well.

The numbers at the end of strip are the difference between the gen 1 strips, and gen 2 strips. I believe the “b3” are the newer ones, and probably more expensive? I have been quoting drivers for the gen 2 strips. There’s a slight difference in forward voltage from the gen 1 to gen 2. So if you decide to go with gen 1 let me know so I can double check the driver still fits.

When you’re looking st the hlg series drivers the very last spot is what determines the dimming function. It will be blank or have a letter. If the last letter is an “a” that has built in potentiometer that allows you to dim from 100% down to 50%. If it has a “b” they come with wires for you to hook up your own dimmer. The a dimming version is obviously easy, requires no extra parts or wiring. You just take the little cap off, insert screwdriver, and turn. On a light that size there won’t be any reason to dim below 50%. The b dimming version gives you a lot more options. You can use a pot to have 10%-100%, use 0-10v source, or a pwm. The only other advantage is that if you leave the dimming leads open, the b version gives you an extra 5-8% output current above rated.

Your current strips have a dimming don’t they? Have you not played with dimming them?

The hlg-80h-c700 will do 4,5,or 6 of the gen 2 strips. I think it’s also about $10 cheaper, something to keep in mind if you’re kind of on the edge about which way to go. If you drop down to the hlg-80 they have a 350ms version that would run the 280mn strips real nice. 80-90 watts is going to be 80-90 Watts reagardless. Obviously you’ll need more of the 280mm strips to get there, but the 280mm strips are cheaper and will fit better making build easier in my opinion. But that’s entirely up to you.


yes my current lights have a dimmer on both drivers…
yes,i’ll run everything past you before i make any moves
i try to check and double check esp. on electronics…
i know on autos they frown on taking electronics back for good reason…lol
i may go with a seperate dimmer in the box,but the lights i’m using to fill in holes in current lights…dimmer on board i believe.


You make it however you’d like, I’m just trying to pass along the info best I can.


and you are doing that well! i’m cutting some wood pieces to 1120,560,and 280mm and use them to gauge my gaps…lol i may have to pull out some wild cards and call my buddies at the local wielding school to help with frame…lol maybe some stock there also!
thank you @dbrn32 for your continued support!
you have helped a whole bunch of us here,and i for one appreciate your effort!


No problem at all!

Just for shits and giggles I ran the numbers on the 280mm gen 2 3000k strips and hlg-80h-c350a. Will run up to 12 of them for 85 led watts probably 90-95 wall watts. Arrow has both in stock total is $114. There’s 12x15x.125 aluminum plate on eBay for $21 shipped. I believe you should have enough of the other stuff from last build. If your boys can hook you up with a piece of plate would be real nice. But that would give you similar performance to 100 watt quantum board.


sounds good,i wish i could have them all!!! lol


The struggle is real my friend! I wish I had enough space to just build something out of all of them and see how they all stacked up first hand. Unfortunately, I can’t get my wife to even let me use the space I do have right now :confounded:


what?? that is no fun!


I know right. Lots of traffic at our house now, and no longer have a basement.