Dr.Evils ''moon rock breaker'' the puns continue!


@Terminator What would you like to know? I may not get back tonight but for sure in the morning. There is a demo I made how to make dry rub keef I think that’s what I called it. in the members lounge. It is so damn easy and the return is incredible.





In the first space station, NASA invented a nitrogen gas powered pen to be able to write at any angle in zero gravity. The Russians brought pencils


read em’ and weep…i sure am…
at this point i’m trying to salvage as much of the clones as possible for capsules… i am going to move back to night time as day to avoid running ac…it is sucking the bugs in i believe…
i’m either skipping next summer,or growing just one in a cabinet inside. we will see…




these are my seedlings bba,white rhino,girl scout cookies auto,in the back.
gold leaf,sour d,and unknown up front… i’m hoping that i can get these turned around to produce some smokeable flower…i’ll take what i can get at this point…lol
i have some new seeds started now to try and get back on my feet growing wise.


@Screwauger @Sasquatch @Countryboyjvd1971 @Willd @WillyJ @Sittingbull64 @Hogmaster @garrigan65


Dude dude dude


i know,i’m sick john…
picking up the pieces and starting over…


Thats all you can do brother
Sadly ive been there myself and had the same feeling my friend
Very sorry E

Do you know exactly when it went wrong ? So tou cant correct for next time ?
For me it was unusually warm and humid weather in September and October


fungus gnats…is all i can figure


Man you just found them like that ?
Yesterday they looked good ?


Bummer Big E, I’m gutted for you and right along with you. I easy trashed a potential 10 ounces or more of smoke last week.

We’ll get this ship righted around Brother!! I’m dropping seeds tonight!!

Came home to three dead branches on the pineapple and earwigs had taken over the hole in the stems. WTF next…Onward we go!!


we have had enough for the day…lol


man o man ! That sucks. Hope you can salvage something out of it @BIGE
was it bugs or what?


bugs,i have thrown everything i can think of at them…
i kill them,they are back the next day…
i believe i’m sucking them in through a/c unit…
endeavor to persevere!


I love that quote!
and I know you will endeavor to persevere!


Damn bro, that sucks