Dr.Evils ''moon rock breaker'' the puns continue!


What else you got going there @BIGE looking good!


actually since you mentioned it @WillyJ i have a critical cheese sprouted…and also a skywalker og,and GSC that just started soaking…LOL i’m all over the place! but that is it for now…lol
i hope!
i put all of those in picture in dirt…lol
i will do pro-mix on the rest!


Hahahahaha sounds like to argument i have inside my head all the time hahahaha
Well i started to trim my girls the other day
Now i have 12 potential clones going hahahahaha
I just said to myself the other day
No more untill you finish current grow and rebuild grow room lol guess that not going to happen
Ill be building around plants i can see it now lol


yea john, i’m hoping to get some good clones from this round…we’ll see


@dbrn32 have you got a minute or two this morning to discuss my next wave of supplemental lighting?
i’m thinking about something small for box,which i’m leaning to the hi-powered QB.
another thought is some lights like my last build but maybe 3000k,one ballast,dimmer??,with 6 strips instead of four…or more…lol


I’m at work, but it’s quiet so far. Where you wanna start?


i’ll do some looking for myself . get some numbers then you can tell me if they will blow up or not…lol
my biggest problem will be matching driver,is there a driver that will run 6-8 strips?


I can probably save you some time. What’s size of the box?


24by 24 my same ol’box i’m always howling about lights for…lol


Lol copy that, just making sure. Are inside dimensions exactly 24”x24”? Will make a difference if we use strips. The 560mm strips are 22”, you have to be cautious with frame build to get them to fit. May or may not be a good idea to use them based on that.

The 280mm strips would work really good. But they have same forward voltage and half the current, finding drivers that make sense to use is a little more difficult. But can be done.

Single qb is a piece of cake in there, will also probably be more expensive than doing strips. But we can look at all of them.


you are at work,and i’m in no hurry…i’ll be back and fourth working on shed.
so do this at your leisure,lol i have to get my filter on and new light hangers ready.lol
i will be moving stuff,cleaning my watercatching dishes…lol.
my chores


Sounds good. Here is the single qb kit that would make sense. I’ll model some strip builds around it, and maybe a touch bigger.

You said you wanted dimming, you have a driver with built in pot for dimming right? You want another job like that, or go with a b driver and remote dimming?


no,dimmable drivers are great with me!
lol i’m still trying to call these ballast!


Same difference pretty much


Ok, I have more questions lol.

I started with the bridgelux eb strips because I thought that would be cheapest option. The gen 1 560mm strips are like $7.40 each at 156 lumens per watt at 700ma. The gen 2 strips are $10 something and 175 lumens per watt at 700ma. Both can be run a little harder that will have a little impact on the efficacy.

If you think you can fit the 560, we’ll just need to figure out if you want to chase a higher efficiency build or go with a little cheaper build cost. I think the hlg-120h-c700 or c1050 will be driver in play for the 560mm strips. The 700ma will run 9 gen 1 strips, and 10 of the gen 2 strips. The 1050ma I think will do about 6 of gen 1 or 7 of the gen 2.

6 gen 1 eb at 1050ma will be the cheapest going with any of the 560mm strips. Going with 10 of the gen 2 at 700ma will probably be about 10-15% more efficient. Driver cost is about the same either way. So to be 10-15% more efficient, the cost difference is going from around $40 in strips to about $100 in strips. Driver should be in the $40-$45 range either way.

If you’re leaning towards the $100 in strips option, that will be essentially just a little bigger quantum board. By the time you source parts for frame I could see $180 pretty easy. So may be easier to do the qb kit. The the qb kit is like 100 led watts, the strips will be 140-150 led watts under any of the configs I mentioned.

From there, we can go down in driver size and do less strips. Move to the shorter 280mm strips, or possibly look at some of the knock off quantum boards. What are you thinking? The bang for buck ratio is there with the gen 1 560mm strips for sure. But that’s not the “hey look at my fancy led” type build either. My biggest concern would be how difficult it will be to get them to fit.


gen 2 strips,from samsung?


Bridgelux. They’re very similar to f series efficacy from Samsung, but still cheaper I think. Here is part number for 560mm in 3000k BXEB-L0560Z-30E2000-C-B3


I think the breakdown in the 3000k 560mm strips is something like this

Bridgelux gen1 156 lm/watt, $7.xx
Bridgelux gen2 175 lm/watt $10.xx
Samsung f gen3 168 lm/watt $14.xx
Samsung h 179 lm/watt $22.xx

Samsung has a cheaper strip, about the same as bridgelux gen 1 price, it’s the m series. They’re like 140 lm/watt.


i have 30 gen 2 in the cart 309.09…lol


Holy smokes, you’re not going to fit that in a 2x2 lol.

You pretty sure you can get the 560mm strips in there?