Dr.Evils ''moon rock breaker'' the puns continue!


starting 2018 with gorilla glue,northernlights xl,money maker,and 1blueberry auto from ilgm!
more pics,updates soon!


Woohoo @BIGE
Here you go again brother can’t wait to see updates
Love the sign
Might need to make one of thise up for my property hahahahaha


Hahaha, I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971. Stealing your sign bud, sorrynotsorry!


Outts likes @dbrn32 but i would slap two in that one it made me laugh :joy::laughing:


Haha thanks! It’s Friday, most of us can use a good laugh at this point in the week.


Hahaha got my likes back hahahaha


For decades our old gun club had a sign like that except it said “Trespassers will be Violated” haha!


Guns and signs that read like that are a clear give away to stay clear hahahahaha @Myfriendis410


My favorite! And a legit sign

Hey Willy



I like this one.



no further description required!

@Usmcjojo good one!


Keep me in the loop on this brother.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I’m beginning my next grow within two weeks.

Speaking of guns, I have an AR-15, AK-47, Glock 19 and a Taurus.45 semi auto with extended magazine.



one GG came up but petered out but that’s ok i’ll have room for a skywalker!
or maybe gdp or ptw or sd? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hmmm choices good to have choices @BIGE or maybe cc


You’re pretty care free even for a stoner haha. Don’t think I’ve met a dude that always finds the bright side of everything.

Last post reminds me that I have 5 pack of lemon og that has been a back up plan for like 3 years. Always standing by Incase the flavor of the week falls through. Whenever I get my act together, I think I’m gonna run it in honor of dr evils chill attitude.


i’m really a cereal killer @dbrn32,but don’t let the word out…


sorry it has been awhile since i posted pics,but in my defense i’ve been really busy harvesting.
i have a skywalker and critical cheese that has cracked open,waiting on them to break ground…
also i got a freebie seed from an auto i’m going to experiment with,it is still soaking.


That no defense @BIGE
did you see the bowl trimmer i picked up ?
I cant wait to use it should cut down harvest time dramatically
The girls are looking good brother


thanks john,yea i seen your new toy…lol
maybe later this year i might make that leap. until then the snips must do…lol


Yeah i here that @BIGE
I can i ly sit and trim buy hand for 30-40 minuets then my eyes starin getting strained so i newd ro take a break
enjoy the harvest my friend :v: