Dr.Evil's krazy jungle grow!


ok boys and girls,it is time to start anew!
along with clones taken from my last grow;money maker,skywalker og, northern lights xl, and gorilla glue…
i decided to add some new strains as well…
purple traim wreck
gold leaf
girl scout cookies AUTO
white rhino
i finally bit the bullet and turned A/C on…dreaded that! lol
i am also cleaning room,as i rearrange things to allow more plants…


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ok,if i missed you please say so …lol
i get absent minded from time to time…
@SmoknGranny @Smokin_ernie @Countryboyjvd1971 @Screwauger @daz49
i’ll get some pics up asap ya’ll!


I was here, you just didn’t know it @BIGE


you are elusive like that!


Funny stuff. I thought I saw him in here but I wasn’t sure.

Thanks Big E


On board! Let get it going!


Woohoo brother sounds like a good grow cant wait to see you if full swing
Happy growing brother :v:️ Cb


Add Viktor7


Okay :ok_hand: let’s rock and roll!


you are in @Viktor7 welcome aboard!


Thanks for the tag! Switched to watching and I’ll be along for the ride as well!


@BIGE tags everyone but the light guy lol.


in my defense,this was done very early this morning…lol
and i was highly medicated as well…


Otherwise the electric guy would of been included?lol


I’m here and following E! Best of luck my friend!


You’re gonna be BUSY this summer!!!
AND have a sh*t ton of weed after harvest.
I like the selection. A strain to fit whatever mood your in!