Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


Nice and frosty!


it is some great smelling stuff @WillyJ i’m about ready for some tko mmj…lol
this super silver haze is great and it is mellowing out the longer it cures. now i just need that knock out punch at night and i’m good!


I hear you on that knock out punch…I got 2 of those ssh going 2 ph 2 gl and 2 sd going for my grow after thos next one which is 6 sd and 2 cc @BIGE


the next generation!
white widow/ the slightly larger seedling
2 ilgm ak-47 auto
2 ilgm amnesia haze
monster bud/ the BIG ONE!
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MONSTER BUD… about to put her under the screen soon.
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This is going to be an awesom grow @BIGE setting this to watching. Keep up the great work.


i have really HIGH hopes for this round @Covertgrower. and thanks
last two rounds were good so i believe i have enough meds to not have to rush any…what a relief!
i might even try a bubble hydro system or something to experiment in the grow a bit. spread my wings!


Oooo baby!! Following with great interest and eager to see your progress and methods @BIGE

That girl looks ready to explode…just itching to grow, very healthy looking!!


Very nice! Looks like some major bud on the way! Thanks for tagging me @BIGE


I hope you will have more luck with ak47 auto


Very nice! Looks like you got plenty of space to grow some big girls…that monster bud is looking great as do the little ones :+1::+1:



We need to hook up on skype again my friend less pick a day and time… ok

Will smoking-hookah


Already used my 2 likes for the day :rage:


Just out of curiosity…assuming you are growing in soil, why do you prefer the clay balls over perlite? Just wondering if theres a particular reason or advantage to using them. Great looking grow so far BTW.:+1:


@DieHigh55 my primary grow medium is sunshine promix #4…plenty of perlite in it.
two autos i mixed some ffof and a few reclaimed hydroton balls,…
they help with oxy inroot zone and aid runnoft…lol i figured it would help drainage when i added soil.


Sounds like basically because you had them kicking around :wink:


i tripped over the bag and they had to go @Donaldj
was going to try reusing in hydro but did not get there! lol


dr.evil is adding on to the lair
one more step towards world domination! or nap-time i get them confused sometimes!


I just read the whole thread…, man I am glad I found it…
This project of yours is fantastic , great job…
Awesome !!!


Now that is an enlightening answer, thank you…:joy::joy::joy: