Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


for the last week or two i have really been happy with gg and nl…
everytime i go ‘‘work in the shed’’ my wife curls her nose up exclaiming,’‘have you been playing with a skunk?’’ me,’‘no,just my girlfriends!’’…lol i love this kind of affirmation she gives me @Screwauger …lol


They look great! GG is getting her sugar on! My GG is in the jars now @BIGE She is a skunky girl for sure!


i’m going to let these gals amber up really well…i need some nighty,night,sleep tight bud…lol


GG makes me sleepy anyway! The GG I have been using is locally procured so I’m not sure at what stage it was harvested. @BIGE

A nice surprise though is even though the BB is indica dominant I can use 24/7 as long as I don’t get too much in me, in which case I need a power nap!


everyday around 1000-1100 is when i get my nap on,when possible! lol


I’m more of an after lunch napper! @BIGE


i’m a open minded napper i do not discriminate against any time of the day! lol EON equal opportunity napper!


Good grief​:rage: I’m out of likes after two this morning! Oh well :pensive:


lots of wonderful looking amber trichomes on my gg and nl this morning.
getting ready to harvest again! and i will not complain none…lol


Harvest day is my favorite day of the year. Is it going to be today? @BIGE


no,probably not today…lol might split stem,and start removing large fan leafs…
runn some flawless finish through them,the gg are in 5gl pots but only have about three gal of coco so they dry easily .
maybe yank them up next week, no hurries when i am sitting on plenty! thank goodness!
gg will be in the grow again soon smells great,had to install filters because of them! lol
@bob31 how long did it take for your gg to ripen?


Looking good @BIGE


thx @Smokin_ernie i will take some pics before chop-chop…lol


Excellent maybe shot of stem splitting as well


Mine was 64 days from first pistils but I don’t do a lot of amber. @BIGE


Congratulations. Now comes more patience and waiting And waiting. And waiting :rofl:
But since you’re going to do a stem split (I’d just harvest) I know you have more patience than I! Looking forward to seeing the end results my friend :hugs:


i like to feel that feeling every one or two months @bob31 lol


Absolutely! I was gonna add One month into cure is a pretty good day too! @BIGE I had a sample of my Gold Leaf at 10 days cured. Very mild smoke with a decent head high. Interesting pain relief as well. I’m experiencing a painful back episode and it wiped it right out! Looking forward to the next test in 2.5 weeks!


My GL didn’t really sing until week 3 or 4 IIRC.


yea,i have checking gold leaf out,half price!