Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


Hopefully you will be using dry ice. I’ll never use another method.


Looks Great. Nice trichomes


thanks @MAXHeadRoom


:cry::cry::cry::cry: just left Mo. today.
Nice buds @BIGE
How’d that 30-06 do??:deer::deer::deer:


it is still on target @Beans louder than a freight train,and kicks like a mule!


Wowza, wow wow! @BIGE You have some sugary goodness there my friend.


@BIGE Those are some signature BIGE BUDS right there! Wat to go Brother!! We growers, all these problems! I am in the same boat, got the crack and the blueberry going at once. Most of my past grow is zoom zoom zoom weed.




We’re gonna need a bigger boat. I need sleep sleep sleep weed too.


Looks like the Christmas tree from Whoville! It even has all the shiney decorations! :wink::sunglasses::yum:


Lookin great @BIGE… nice holiday treat, beautiful!! :grimacing::leaves:


Some good lookin stuff!:+1: I have 2 of them going…just made me smile :grin: @BIGE


Georgeous buds! Gonna have some happy holidays at your house.


well after retrieving the christmas stuff from mrs.evils storage loft,i found a half used bag of ffof.
so,i mixed it with with about 1/16 bag of promix,and some added hydroton.
i have four seedling autos that i will try a ‘‘standard’’ method and ‘‘new mix’’ with these plants…
pic update this evening!


nice looking bud, bud this buds for you lol


gorilla glue
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northern lights clone
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the next generation


Looking mighty fine @BIGE

That GG looks like it needs a chair lift and a warming hut.