Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


he was about 160-175lbs , 2yr, 8pt typical…
i took him with my trusty 30-06 remington,about 80 yards from my deer camp in south ar.
approx 60yard shot,he was sneeky and wanted to stay in the thicket.


outta likes but thats perfect. Nicely done! Do you do all the processing yourself? @BIGE


i do @bob31,this guy is getting mostly ground except,inner/outer back-straps,and the eye of round from the hams…i will slice them for grill/frying


Nice. Venison Chili is one of my favs! @BIGE


mine too @bob31,when i grind mine i add about 10% beef fat from the local slaughter house…stew is another all time faves.


ssh @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @Myfriendis410 @MAXHeadRoom @MAXHeadRoom @Mikos @North_East_Newbie @FreakyDeekie @WillyJ



@SmoknGranny @Sirsmokes @Smokin_ernie @AnneBonny @Willd @Laurap @Tylan @yoshi if you are browsing through.lol
@Stonetothebone,just base nutes,flower feul,mammoth p and terpinator



super silver haze, @Screwauger @SilentHippie @Donaldj @Myfriendis410 @70sChick @Buck3 @bob31 @bonnie1 @Beans @Countryboyjvd1971


Omg @BIGE these look so good, so sparkly, it’s hardly believable. Seriously some beautiful looking pickin’s! It looks as though I should be the one to hold YOUR plants up… lol


ha! @Covertgrower i could use another yo-yo!
sorry i’m not real good at the pics,i tremble some…


Looks great buddy :wink:


thank you @Hogmaster!
now i need one of the nl or gg to mature so i can get some rest!
a good knock in the head,because this stuff will get you going!


how’d you get it to lean up like that? LOL Great looking bud, Bud! @BIGE


that branch was bent down to get it out of the light! @bob31 ty


so the SSH is good meds? @BIGE


sure,i like it alright but as i said a good indica needed to come back down! lol


Sorry to answer but hell yes there awesome and press well :wink:


it is plenty sticky for sure!
bubble hash making session this weekend!