Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


@BIGE… lookin really nice… very healthy and plentiful. Expect nothing else from you! :grimacing::+1:


Nice! Thanks for the report


The ssh is the bomb for sure it’s really killer


@Bige…your plants look really great!


thank you for the flowers @Kapelady… i’m about ready to start chopping! lol


@bige…oh good for you! Hope you took pics!!!


i’m thinking friday on the chop-chop,and i will @Kapelady


Woohoo @BIGE everyone looks happy in the new space


yes sir! everyone is liking new space…
i had 1 90 deg episode there,but all in all things have worked out well as far as climate control.
i’m about to take ssh and will have more room for gg…lol


Nice :+1:
Always buggs to work out bro
Tag me when tou start the gg
Ssh is a nice smoke woohoo @BIGE


i dried some of the lower popcorn buds and yea it is racy sativa for sure!


Hey @BIGE What did you use for plywood to box in your room? Then what did you put over it ? looks like some kind of plastic sheet or is it mylar? I am starting to price out how much it would be to do my shed.


@Smokin_ernie i used 1/2 inch plywood seconds/or factory rejects…around 8.00 a sheet if you have a wood salvage yard around town…
the liner i bought maybe from vivosun on amazon 4 mill white one side reflective the other…100ftx4ft wide about eighty bucks…
2x4’s home depot 3-4 bucks
i screwed mine together for the most part.
i guess my biggest bill was insulation,i done it right and i’m glad i did!


@bige…good want to see your crop!


Thanks! Yay the insulation is looking to be pricy but well worth it.


@Buck3 started the gun season out right!


Very nice @BIGE! @70sChick and I are going this afternoon. I’m going back to where I was yesterday. Congrats on your buck…thats the way to break the ice!


Congratulations @BIGE Nice buck!


Nice opening day buck @BIGE nicely done. What was the weight?


Nice buck!!! That will fI’ll the freezer