Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!

Man, great idea! You wouldn’t need much but if you have trees it’s gonna suck to bag em.

out the door this morning to lower the boom-boom on some more bugs!!
finally got confirmation on NLXL @Willd , it is going to be alright,alright,alright!!! lol
i expect gold leaf and skywalker to be here any day now.lol
seriously thinking about placing another before price increase.
some good TKO strains have arrived and i’m really liking what ilgm has come up with!
where is @Stonetothebone he needs some cherry pie!


Kill those bastids dead D.E.D. dead


i gave them another dose of green cleaner,i believe i’ve killed a lot of them already.
the task now will be washing/rinsing and hope i can get most all of the rest off the buds there.


@Stonetothebone has been MIA for some time. I’m concerned :worried:


Hey @BIGE… What’s up man? How are things going with you?


going good @M4ur ,how about you?


I’m not complaining, growing some males :joy:… Baby, bad seeds :joy:… But I still have one ak47 so nothing is lost.


Mmmm yum @FloridaSon @SmoknGranny I member that flowery smell and taste, ‘96 was the last decent sized ball. I’d pinch from it and stretch over too a bowl of weed :thinking: and play Xbox OR get frozen in place watching a movie
Eww eww I memm’ber

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Yes the post card method takes a while took mine a little over 4 weeks from date sent and date recieved

those things ate eating our plants

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Welcome to ILGM and our awesome community.
You do have a problem there try what i posted below and let me know how it go’s for ya … ok

Caterpillars cutworms, cabbageworms, ect.)

There are several different kinds of catapillars that may affect cannabis plants, mainly the ones
that affect the plants, do almost the same damage, some do more severe depending on the numbers
you have eating on your plants. Most caterpillars will do damage by chewing holes in the leaves,
the holes will be kind of big, if so you know it’s not going to be a smaller kind of pest.
If you find caterpillars have been eating at your plants and you need to get rid of them; there
are several non-toxic and least toxic methods to choose from. You can also shake your plant a bit
to make the caterpillars fall off your plants. . If your plants are affected during late flowering
or close to harvest, please try to use the safest means of control to be safe to your health.

Prevent and Control

Hand picking: Easy way to control them is to pick them up and knock them into a bucket of soapy water.
If you are scared about handling caterpillars, you can use some gloves or have someone else pick them up for you.

BTK in dust form can be used to kill caterpillars. BTK can also be used to foliar spray your plants.
One tablespoon of neem oil added to your BT mix helps stick the mix to the plants better when you are
foliar spraying… BTK is available in liquid form. Apply BTK on all of the leaves both top and underside
If you decided using the dust kind,spray your plants down with water before you apply the dust Apply
every week to 2 weeks and or after it rains. The caterpillars must eat the BT as they are feeding on
foliage in order for the caterpillars to be rid of.


Insecticidal soaps, neem, oil, and spinosad are the safest insecticides that can be used to control…
Soaps and neem are non-toxic and are great to use when you have a lot of pests and want to be friendly
to nature and its animals. Spinosad works very very good in controlling the caterpillar population and
is non toxic to wild-life, pets, and humans. It hardly has any impact at all on the plants.