Dr.evil's hidden laboratory!


yea i read that you have some family business going on…
i guess i will pull heat out to see how that works…lol thanks john!


if your area has cooled off @BIGE bringing in cooler Fresh will help to
I have the ability to exhaust all my tents are just depending on time of year I do recycle my heat in winter
I’m guessing you’ll be the opposite tho since your much warmer down your way


@BIGE I use vented hoods…I pull the heat out instead of blowing it out as thats what works with my set up I’m using 1- 10" inline fan for both rooms…you don’t want the air too cool that you pull through your lights because you can build up condensation so I pull it from the inside of my basement opposite from where my fan is through the lights 3 on each run…I have filters at the beginning so I keep crap oit of the lights…I can take some pics if you like let me know…


i have a six’’ inline hooked up to hood now.
i will check in on it in an hour or two to see what is what.


thanks @WillyJ


i have had the fan on for about ten minutes and dropped 2deg
looks like a long night of observation…lol
putting the time in…lol @WillyJ


Did you hook up fan before lights came on @BIGE
Or after
If after you get a better idea tomorrow after the room cools off
Keep us informed brother


i had to wait until the lights came on at 6;00…lol
i check everything before i go to bed…
i may need to turn down rpms but as of now full blast!


Nice :+1: @BIGE you’ll get it dialed in I have no doubt about it lol


i have to john! lol
i done got kicked out of the climate controlled house…lol
adapt or give up…as i said before rehab is for quitters …and i am not a quitter!


You’ll get it dialed in it takes a little while and then a little tweaking here and there as the climate changes


i’m glad i had the foresight to have a fan ready…lol
yea,i’m sure it will not take long to learn how to operate my new grow room…lol


I have my exhaust setup far different than most since I recycle heat but if heat were an issue and I used vented hoods I would daisy chain my light venting and push air from outside through them and back outside by pushing air you ensure that any air leaks do not carry smell. Since air pushed through has never been in space and is only comes in contact with lights it can safely be pushed right out or if heat is needed directed into intake via damper kinda like what I currently do :wink: I have 3 separate but connected spaces all on same exhaust which is a solid heating duct with 3" intakes 1 in each space they pull air in from top of room through carbon filter and push the cleaned air to a damper which directs some air into adjacent room and the rest outside. The air in adjacent room blends with cool fresh air then is pulled back into grow spaces, I adjust damper to keep adjacent room in 60’s but not much higher so the air pulled into grow spaces is still able to cool space some it requires daily adjustments and a guess as to how much what speed and how cold outside is going to get :slight_smile:
There is no perfect climate control it is a matter of trial and error with some luck and practice you get things tuned in how you want them


these two super silver haze are coming down this week sometime,probably friday night…
@WillyJ @bob31 @dbrn32 @DieHigh55 @Sirsmokes @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan65 @Donaldj @yoshi @Screwauger
branches are starting to give way,the buds are just to heavy :heart_eyes:


northern lights up top
gorilla glue at the bottom
@Hogmaster @FreakyDeekie @hillcrest21678 @Kapelady @Blasting @bonnie1 @BobWags @Myfriendis410 @MAXHeadRoom @SmoknGranny


Yum! Have you tried the ssh before?


no i have not…it smells good though @dbrn32


Suppose to be one of the more extreme sativa buzz right? Help a brotha out with a smoke report when you get there lol.


will do @dbrn32…i let these girls go the distance,i have about 20% amber now.
i have been ‘‘flushing’’ watering with reg. water till plenty of run off for about a week now.
next time she dries out it will be axe city around here…lol
@Countryboyjvd1971 recently grew some maybe he will throw some input our way…lol


I enjoyed mine guys @bob31 @dbrn32
It is a nice head high i pulled mine around that 20% range
Leaves you with enough energy to get stuff done
Hahaha enjoy boys
Best i can do right now :+1:
I only have about a quarter left from the harvest so woohoo i made a tone of rosin with the ssh super yummy